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2010-030-30 Note: I am NOT using Disqus. It's unsuitable for my needs.

I want to experiment with Disqus comments. I'm not happy with my current home-grown system and while I am somewhat reluctant to outsource comments, there are advantages.

Some readers will remember that I once briefly flirted with Google Friend Connect comments. That is entirely too weak for my purposes, so I dropped that.

For the moment, I'm only using Disqus on this page and a few others. If it works out, I may extend it elsewhere - we'll see.

Feel free to leave a comment about comments, especially if you see something in Disqus that you hate or even just find annoying.

Update June 22,2009

The biggest problem I have is Firefox. I don't know if this happens with all platforms, but at least on Mac, Disqus is unusable. Note that I'm not doing anything unusual, not running esoteric plugins, but it just doesn't work - you can't login from clicking on the links provided and after making a post it throws me to the Community page - completely unacceptable.

I'd need other features also. I sometimes need to move a comment to a different post - the comment was fine, but belongs elsewhere. I also would need more sophisticated filtering than just keywords.

Disqus is just too immature at this time.