Putting the wrong name on a Win 7 user profile

However, both of these new computer owners panicked at my suggestion. I explained that they just needed to cable up their new system; they claimed complete inability to do even that. Sigh. Yes, I know that this is mostly in their minds. It's a form of leaned helplessness. If they would just make a small effort, they probably could do this themselves, but they just stop and refuse to even try. It's too complicated, they are afraid that they might damage something or feel foolish.

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Apple News Crashes on IOS 9  
- Apple, shame on you. If you can't make this work right, don't do it at all -

How do I forward iCloud email?  
- How do I forward iCloud email? I didn't know people had sent me mail! -

Missing email in Kerio Connect Webmail client but shows in old Webmail?  
- Missing email in Kerio Connect Webmail client but shows in old Webmail? -

My iPad can't get email!  
- My iPad can't get email! Scrabble also has stopped working. -

What does Boot Unix No Sync mean?  
- I ran fsck and when it finished I got a message telling me to Boot Unix No Sync - what does that mean? -

How can I switch to Gmail?  
- How can I switch to Gmail? Hundreds of people know my current email? -

Setting hosts connection limits in Kerio control  
- Setting hosts connection limits in Kerio control -

Kerio Connect Server is not responding. Please check your Internet connection  
- Kerio Connect Server is not responding. Please check your Internet connection. -

All my Outlook rules went missing!  
- All my Outlook rules went missing, but weirdly they seem to still be working! -

Kerio Control configuration changes reverted  
- A simple traffic rule was intended to allow ssh access to an internal machine but it refused to record, offering a strange reason -

Shell script cannot test for the existence of files  
- My shell script needs to move certain files to another location. How do I test that the files exist? -

Configuration changes reverted  
- Configuration changes reverted because rule would break your connection - a vague message, but a simple solution -

Retransmission messages in Kerio Operator Warning log  
- What do retransmission timeout messages in the Kerio Operator Warning log really mean? -

Debugging Host Connection Limit Reached on Kerio Control  
- The Packet Dump feature in Connect's Debug log gives you an easy way to debug excessive connections to a host. -

Kerio Connect version 8.5  
- Exchange Activesync will work with Outlook 2013 and Kerio, but it has severe limitations. No more unsupported Active Sync devices option needed! -

How do I see what was actually delivered by Kerio Mailing Lists?  
- How do I see the data from them? Like what was delivered and possibly opened? Is there anyway to verify that they all went out? -

Handling retired addresses with Kerio Connect  
- How to handle ex-employees who still get important mail -

Why is good email suddenly being marked spam?  
- Why is a lot of what for years has been good mail (like from UPS and the Washington Post) now being marked SPAM? -

Managing iptables drop lists  
- After blocking large numbers of sites accidentally, cleaning them out is easier with this script -

Samepage - Redefining how people create and share information
My iPad won't charge - what can I do?  
- I forgot to charge my old ipad for a month and now it is completely dead - what can I do? -

How can I monitor bandwidth so we don't accidentally exceed our hotspot data?  
- I'd like to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage while on vacation to avoid overcharges. -

Another 'expanded to zero recipients' problem  
- I was thrown of track momentarily, but eventually there was nothing left that it could possibly be. No matter how silly, that had to be it. -

How can I see what pages are being accessed at my website?  
- I'd like to watch my logs as new visitors come. How can I see what pages are being accessed in real time? -

How do I look up an MX record with nslookup?  
- I'm trying to figure out why this app is sending email to the wrong server. How do I look up MX records with nslookup? -

How do I merge images with Preview on MacOSX?  
- I need to merge two images into one on my Mac. I've read that Preview can do that, but I can't make it work. -

How do I fix iTunes access?  
- I have an account with iTunes on a PC as well as on my iPhone and iPad . iTunes has shut me off on the PC but not the on the Apple products. -

How do I fix popups on Windows 7?  
- Anonymous asks: Right now my most pressing problem is adware. I just got off a site where there were 4 or 5 popups going off constantly. -

How do I (just about anything)?
- Go ahead - ask me anything. I'll answer it as best I can and publish it here. -

Kerio Connect won't start after updating SSL certificate  
- How to quickly fix Kerio Connect if it cannot restart after updating or renewing its SSL certificate -

Missing attachments with Android Active Sync  
- Attachments mysteriously disappeared when he sent email from his Android phone. He blamed the server, but was it that? -

Unable to browse the Internet  
- Suddenly 15 PC's had trouble connecting to the Internet. Nothing had changed except they had been physically moved to another office. -

Debug SMTP Client or SMTP Server?  
- When debugging Kerio Connect email problems, should you turn on SMTP Client or SMTP Server? -

Being confused can sometimes help  
- If my customer's email hadn't been confused, I wouldn't have called him to help and he would have waited for something that was never going to happen. -

Increase IPsec debugging  
- How to increase the Kerio Connect debug log verbosity for IPsec tunnels when you need to debug the connection. -

Kerio Control Speed Issues  
- Test and resolve Kerio Control speed issues - is it the hardware or the scanning functions? -

Kerio Connect Mailbox alias could not be expanded  
- What causes 'Mailbox alias could not be expanded' in the mailserver log files? -

Another SCO 5.0.7 crash  
- Another SCO 5.0.7 crash tests my memory - it was taxing, but we got through it. A decade ago or more that would have been something I could fix while half awake, but now my memory of SCO Unix has truly faded. -

Ubuntu service start bug  
- Ubuntu service start bug prevents restart of squid3 -

Using Antivirus programs with Kerio Connect  
- Using Antivirus programs with Kerio Connect - Protecting Connect files from being corrupted by virus scanning. -

Kerio Control Certificate is not valid yet  
- Kerio Control Certificate is not valid yet - what could cause that strange message? This really had me scratching my head. -

802.11g/n High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter  
- Boosting the very weak free wireless signal at our vacation home isn't easy -

Kerio Troubleshooting January 2014  
- Looking at some Kerio related troubleshooting/support incidents from last month. -

Who's been reading my email?   2013/07/02 DaveGillam
- The boss noticed that some emails he did not read were marked as read - who was responsible? -

An unusual DNS issue  
- An unusual DNS issue threatens a paycheck - and I still don't know what went wrong -

Getting a list of recursive SPF records   2013/06/28 TonyLawrence
- Should Kerio Connect have a function to automatically whitelist a valid SPF check? I think maybe they should. -

How to trouble-shoot file corruption  
- If you don't have the space, you have to take running snapshots with fuser or lsof- that may not satisfy a very stubborn vendor who is convinced that *their* programs never screw up. -

Mysterious panics and freezes  
- Crashes, panics and freezes: all work halts and you can't help being surprised. What just happened? -

Deleting a lost file name - delete unremoveable files  
- It HAS a file name- it probably has control characters in it that are confusing the display. Try ls -b. If that doesn't work, do "ls -l > /tmp/t" and the "vi /tmp/t" -

View large files without more or less  
- I have a rescue disk that doesn't include "more" or "less" - how can I examine large files? -

All about Telnet  
- A collection of telnet related information and links. Telnet is seldom used today except for network troubleshooting. -

Kerio Connect Mailserver
Pass-Through Printing  
- The idea is that if the terminal sees a special key sequence, it will start sending the data out some other port (parallel or serial) until it sees some sequence that tells it to stop. -

Fixing an old SCO Unix 5.0.4 machine  
- I found myself staring at an ancient Gateway and a screen hung at Enter run level (0-6, s or S) -

Wireshark 101   2013/05/26 TonyLawrence
- Silly me. I really should have started using Wireshark long before this! -

Connect delete bug  
- This is an unusual bug in the Kerio Connect 8 Web Client that few users are likely to see. -

Simple debugging with Kerio Control  
- An easy way to use Control as a network sniffer by creating useless rules and adding Accounting logging. -

Understanding X-Loop forwarding headers  
- How the X-Loop header works and how Cpanel apparently breaks it. -

Filtering and separating Kerio Control Debug logs  
- Kerio debug logs can contain a lot of extraneous noise. Use a script like this to separate the wheat from the chaff -

Troubleshooting anti-spoofing messages   2012/11/18 TonyLawrence
- Is this network congestion or some other problem? Can you see what is confusing me? Join me in a network troubleshooting problem. -

Troubleshooting Kerio Control installation  
- Setting up Kerio control is usually very easy. If you do experience problems, this guide can help. -

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