Using Evernote for OCR I've been wanting OCR software for Mac OS X and I haven't been seeing anything other than Omnipage but I don't need OCR badly enough to spend THAT kind of coin.

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Afraid to upgrade because of losing iPhotos?   2015 04 
- Yes, Photos has changed - a lot. But it's still your photos and avoiding upgrades is not a good long term strategy. -
Macs are so expensive? You mean like onions?   2015 04 
- Are Macs really overpriced? Let's fight it out one more time! -
Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal   2009 05 
- Old-timers like me couldn't avoid being exposed to command line interfaces - that's all we had when we started Younger people and people who simply started using computers a bit later weren't necessarily exposed to any command line. Any computer they ever used had a graphical user interface and while it still may have had a command line available, there was seldom any incentive to use it. That apparent lack of any compelling reason remains true, but in fact understanding the command line can give you much more control over your computer and allow you to accomplish some tasks much more quickly and easily. -
How do I merge images with Preview on MacOSX?   2015 04 
- I need to merge two images into one on my Mac. I've read that Preview can do that, but I can't make it work. -
Mac OS X 'rootpipe' is not a backdoor   2015 04 
- An exploit that requires a local login is not a back door. It's not even an open safe. Most of us have nothing to fear. -
OS X vs. Linux - convenience and predictability wins   2015 04  2015/04/19 TonyLawrence
- Why do developers choose OS X instead of Linux? Duh.. same old answers. Convenience and predictability wins over purity and devotion. -
Take Control of Numbers   2015 04 
- Apple's Numbers spreadsheet has more power than you may realize. This is no toy; learn it inside and out with this Take Control eBook -
Patch fixes sudo escalation flaw   2015 04 
- Yosemite 10.10.3 patches a local exploit that elevates an ordinary user to root privileges. Upgrade now and do not run as an administrator account. -
Take Control of Apple Mail, Second Edition   2015 04 
- As is usual with these Take Control books, the author points out the bugs and missing features and often has suggestions for workarounds. It won't bore you with basic tasks that you either know how to do already or can figure out easily; this covers the problems and less than obvious things. -
Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course   2015 04 
- This 30-page ebook helps you decide whether to transition to Photos right away, walks you through importing your iPhoto and Aperture photo libraries, and helps you understand the Photos interface and organize your images. -
More Javascript Hijacks   2015 04 
- Yet another couple here fell for a fake hijack. Fortunately they sent no money, but others have. Their Mac saved them - sort of. -
iTerminal Pro for IOS   2015 03  2015/04/02 TonyLawrence
- Adding a private key to iTerminal Pro for IOS 8 by importing -
Is the Apple watch the height of innovation or the height of idiocy?   2015 03 
- I'm not planning on buying an iWatch. Technically, nobody is, because Apple doesn't use that name, but once this thing starts appearing on people's wrists, that is what it will be called, Apple blessed or not. -
Still trying to fix an overly sensitive trackpad   2015 01 
- My trackpad was still driving me crazy with phantom clicks and movement -
More control of your IOS camera   2014 12 
- IOS 8 allows manual camera control - more than I need or even understand right now! -
Upgrading to Yosemite   2014 12 
- Your Yosemite upgrade can take much longer if /usr has many files -
Fixing a overly sensitive trackpad   2014 12 
- My trackpad was driving me crazy clicking by itself, but this simple fix cured it -
Problems with Yosemite upgrade   2014 11 
- I don't think Apple ever tried this from a non-admin account -
Restrict script to console use   2013 11 
- How to restrict a shell script to prevent use by ssh or to only be used at the console. -
Samepage - Redefining how people create and share information
Time Machine Startup Beach Ball Hang   2013 10 
- One of my Time Machine disks would temporarily stop me cold. Here is a simple fix. -
The Seven Layer inedible OSI cake   2013 08 
- The other day I had to explain the OSI model to a customer. I'm not usually this cruel, but (as they say) he asked for it. -
Let's be serious about System Administration   2013 08  2014/04/07 Keith
- Like Rodney Dangerfield, SysAdmins don't always get the respect they deserve. -
Trapping errors in Bash   2013 08 
- While I think you need to avoid getting too clever in shell scripts, trapping errors can be useful. -
'ps' and 'grep'   2013 08 
- Grepping lines out of ps is a common task. Unfortunately, it's also easy to go terribly wrong and not get what you expected at all. -
tput and stty   2013 08 
- tput and stty are related in the sense that they both have to do with how a Unix terminal behaves. Tput is perhaps less important than it used to be, but still useful -
Basic software firewall introduction for home users   2013 08 
- You almost certainly have a software firewall on your Windows or Mac computer. You also probably have a hardware firewall. Understanding just a little bit about them can save you trouble. -
Is rm final? Can I get my files back?   2013 08  2013/08/07 BigDumbDinosaur
- Is rm final? Are the files gone forever? It depends on what you mean by really gone and also depends upon your file system, your OS, and rm itself. -
Run a script every other day but not on weekends   2013 08 
- While this became much easier with Vixie cron, there are still circumstances that need some extra help in the script. -
Length of a domain name   2013 08 
- What IS the longest possible domain name and why isn't it in the book of Guinness World Records? While we're at it, what is a domain name anyway? -
Sparse Files   2013 08 
- Sparse files are a result of the way systems allocate storage space. Sparse files appear to take up much more disk space than they actually do. -
Printing multiple files   2013 08 
- I have 25 .txt files that I would like to print. They are named 1.txt, 2.txt and so on. How can I do this? -
When bad things happen to good computers   2013 07  2013/07/31 TonyLawrence
- Computers are usually very reliable, sometimes running for decades with no attention. On the other hand, sometimes bad things happen.. -
What does 'everything is a file' really mean?   2013 07 
- Everything is a file? How ridiculous: is a horse a file? How about a pitcher of beer dumped over the nearest Unix geek's head - is THAT a file? -
Why won't IT staff recommend Macs or Linux?   2013 07  2010/01/20 anonymous
- Microsoft pays close attention to what people want. They may do a horrible, botched job of providing it initially, and at the next revision, and so on, but eventually they do provide decent products. -
Why does so much of Unix and Linux have to be hard?   2013 07 
- Obviously you have REASONS for sharing whatever it is you shared. Sometimes those reasons are completely altruistic, sometimes not. -
Shebang - What's the point of #!/bin/bash?   2013 07 
- Shebang, hashbang, pling - whatever you call it, what's the point? What does it do? Do you need it in shell scripts or not? -
Determine Unix/Linux version and cpu's   2013 07 
- Usually some variant of uname, often 'uname -a', but all sorts of other possibilies; it depends on the Unix and in some cases even the specific version. -
Mysterious panics and freezes   2013 07 
- Crashes, panics and freezes: all work halts and you can't help being surprised. What just happened? -
Passing shell environment variables   2013 07 
- Is there anyway for a child process to set an environment variable visible to its parent? -
Deleting a lost file name - delete unremoveable files   2013 07 
- It HAS a file name- it probably has control characters in it that are confusing the display. Try ls -b. If that doesn't work, do "ls -l > /tmp/t" and the "vi /tmp/t" -
Using Windows 8 in Parallels Desktop Mobile   2012 10 
- Knowing some keyboard shortcuts can help in using Windows 8 through the Parallels Mobile app. Too bad there are so many to memorize! -
Windows 8 in Parallels Desktop   2012 10 
- Yesterday I upgraded my old Vista virtual machine to Windows 8. It was inexpensive, painless and surprisingly quick. -
Early reminders for first Monday of month events   2012 10 
- I kept forgetting to send our club meeting notices to the newsletter. Google Calendar couldn't help me, so I wrote this script. -
Debugging a Mountain Lion slowdown   2012 10  2013/07/01 anonymous
- I've had some performance issues since upgrading to Mountain Lion and have written some code to try to catch the problem as it happens. -
VMware Fusion vs. Parallels Desktop   2012 10  2012/10/17 BruceGarlock
- Similarly priced, and VMware does have the advantage in premade machines, but I like Parallels better. -
Here files (shell scripting)   2012 10  2012/10/09 TonyLawrence
- Once again, I've been bitten by not having read the manual recently. This bite really annoyed me. -
No clobber scp - scp without overwriting   2012 10  2012/10/07 TonyLawrence
- Although you usually want scp to update files, there are times when you definitely do not. I wrote this script to avoid overwriting existing files. -
Kerio Connect and Apple Open Directory Part 3   2012 09  2013/07/05 TonyLawrence
- As I started to investigate the slapd.conf on the Mountain Lion Open Directory, it seemed to me that it could not be working - but it was! -
Kerio Connect and Apple Open Directory Part 2   2012 09  2012/10/11 TonyLawrence
- Apple Open Directory seems like a fickle beast to me. I expect I'll tame it eventually, but right now it has me cowering in a corner screaming for help. -
Mountain Lion Server in Parallels Desktop   2012 09  2012/09/21 TonyLawrence
- I needed to do some testing with Mountain Lion Server but didn't want to upgrade my main desktop. Parallels virtualization gave me what I needed. -
Kerio Connect Mailserver
Kerio Connect Mail Server Configuration Guide   2012 09 
- Important things to know about Kerio Connect Mail Server configuration. Don't miss these settings and features! -
Avast Free Antivirus for Mac   2012 05  2012/05/30 NickBarron
- Will someone please make decent malware/antivirus protection for Macs? I'd hope that Apple would be smart enough to do that itself, but so far they seem uninterested and that leaves me feeling worried. -
Kerio Troubleshooting   2012 05  2014/07/03 TonyLawrence
- There are only a very few things that will completely prevent Kerio Mailserver from starting. Usually this would come from a confused or mangled configuration file, but there are other conditions that can cause Kerio to refuse to start. -
Where is the boing? (Mac scheduled startup)   2012 03  2014/04/06 TonyLawrence
- I first noticed the missing Mac startup chime a few weeks ago. It seemed very odd that if I rebooted, the chime did work - it was only the first boot of the day when it did not "boing". Starting up took too long also - something was wrong, but what? -
iPad recovery mode problem caused by bad backup   2012 03  2012/03/12 TonyLawrence
- When my iPad started crashing Thursday night, it looked like bad hardware. I was even more sure of that when I tried to recover from a backup and it crashed doing that. I took it to the Genius Bar and they agreed, but we all were wrong. -
Simple outgoing email for SCO Unix (and Linux)   2012 02  2013/05/22 rblake
- Configuring MMDF or Sendmail on SCO Unix was never fun and it only gets worse as fewer people care about any of it. Here is a simple fix for scripted outgoing email -
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion   2012 02  2012/02/21 BrettLegree
- When will they quit these dumb cat names? Anyway, Apple, you did good in dropping the price of Lion, but you screwed up on the performance side -
Exploring Apple Document versions   2011 11 
- When I made the switch, I of course had files under the old account. Some were things I knew I'd need immediately, so I copied them to the new account and changed permissions. Others were things I might need, but then again I might not. What to do about those? -
Kerio Connect Mailserver version 7.3   2011 11 
- Kerio Connect Mailserver version 7.3 is scheduled for release in early November 2011 and adds important features, including a few that I suggested and lobbied for earlier. -

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