Support is not an annoyance

Kerio's recent support changes have caused some customer backlash. I am sypathetic to some of these complaints, but I also see the necessity of the change and think it actually can be good for everyone.

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Handling retired addresses with Kerio Connect  
- How to handle ex-employees who still get important mail -

Looking for secret connections  
- Malware often has secret internet connections. Spotting them in your firewall isn't always easy but I can offer some hints. -

Why is good email suddenly being marked spam?  
- Why is a lot of what for years has been good mail (like from UPS and the Washington Post) now being marked SPAM? -

Another 'expanded to zero recipients' problem  
- I was thrown of track momentarily, but eventually there was nothing left that it could possibly be. No matter how silly, that had to be it. -

Do you need a secondary MX?  
- A secondary MX is supposed to help you, but in fact it often causes more problems than it solves. -

Common Maintenance for Kerio Control  
- It's all too easy to forget about your firewall. It does its job behind the scenes, but there are regular maintenance items that should be checked regularly. -

Kerio Connect won't start after updating SSL certificate  
- How to quickly fix Kerio Connect if it cannot restart after updating or renewing its SSL certificate -

Phantom phone extension dialing another phone  
- There was no extension 100, but that's what his phone display said was calling. When he answered, no one was there. -

Missing attachments with Android Active Sync  
- Attachments mysteriously disappeared when he sent email from his Android phone. He blamed the server, but was it that? -

Unable to browse the Internet  
- Suddenly 15 PC's had trouble connecting to the Internet. Nothing had changed except they had been physically moved to another office. -

Interfacing Kerio Spam with Barracuda
- Interfacing Kerio Spam with Barracuda turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be -

Debug SMTP Client or SMTP Server?  
- When debugging Kerio Connect email problems, should you turn on SMTP Client or SMTP Server? -

Increase IPsec debugging  
- How to increase the Kerio Connect debug log verbosity for IPsec tunnels when you need to debug the connection. -

Extract Photos from Kerio Connect Contacts  
- You can extract photos from your Kerio Connect Contact files with this Perl script. Each photo will use the Full Name from the contact. -

Run your own cloud  
- Moving to the cloud can be expensive, but there are ways to lessen the cost and still enjpy most of the benefits. -

A Clinton-Style Mail Server  
- Setting up a mail server is not as complicated or as expensive as you may think -

Two step authentication for Kerio Control  
- Two step authentication for Kerio Control can now be configured for VPN connections. This is simple to set up and adds extra security to VPN and other firewall access. -

Advanced Attachment Filters in Kerio Connect  
- Using Advanced Attachment Filters in Kerio Connect -

Kerio Connect DSN breaks DMARC   2015/01/20 TonyLawrence
- Kerio Connect DSN breaks DMARC due to use of hostname as sending domain -

Samepage - Redefining how people create and share information
Kerio Control Speed Issues  
- Test and resolve Kerio Control speed issues - is it the hardware or the scanning functions? -

Kerio Connect Mailbox alias could not be expanded  
- What causes 'Mailbox alias could not be expanded' in the mailserver log files? -

Kerio Connect Customization  
- We can provide Perl programming to customize the behavior of email on your Kerio connect mail server -

Renewing Kerio Control SSL Certificates  
- Renewing Kerio Control SSL Certificates does have some pitfalls. By default, Kerio Control ships with several predefined SSL certificates which are used for specific purposes. There's a "Default", one for Reverse Proxy, one for Local Authority and one for VPN. -

Upgrading from software Kerio Control to the hardware version  
- Upgrading from software Kerio Control to the hardware version is not difficult -

Upgrading to Yosemite  
- Your Yosemite upgrade can take much longer if /usr has many files -

Help protect your mail domain with DMARC  
- Although not widely implemented, DMARC can help protect your domain -

MXToolbox warnings and Kerio Connect   2015/01/02 TonyLawrence
- Mxtoolbox can be wrong when it looks at your Kerio Connect mailserver -

Rate Limited by Google Bulk Email Senders Guidelines  
- Google may see your email as spam and tell you you are Rate Limited by Google Bulk Email Senders Guidelines -

Mailbox item count issues  
- Too many messages in startup folders slows down everything -

Instant Messaging Error messages with IM services not enabled  
- Error messages in log about Instant Messaging even though IM services are not enabled -

Kerio Archiver  
- Kerio Archiver - a simple tool for archiving large user mailboxes -

Upgrade Kerio Connect to 64 bit  
- Upgrading Kerio Connect to 64 bit is not difficult, but on Windows OS there are extra steps -

IMAP Tools  
- IMAP Tools - an inexpensive collection of tools for mail -

Using Antivirus programs with Kerio Connect  
- Using Antivirus programs with Kerio Connect - Protecting Connect files from being corrupted by virus scanning. -

Kerio Control Certificate is not valid yet  
- Kerio Control Certificate is not valid yet - what could cause that strange message? This really had me scratching my head. -

Kerio Connect 8.4  
- Kerio Connect 8.4 concentrates on Webmail but also introduces multiserver -

Hacked at my own site  
- Well, not really hacked but a password exposed and that's pretty bad! -

Better Spam Control  
- Better Spam Control - Spamassassin won't cut it today -

Kerio Control 8.4  
- Kerio Control 8.4 guest network is helpful and not just for guests -

Kerio Troubleshooting January 2014  
- Looking at some Kerio related troubleshooting/support incidents from last month. -

Understanding Kerio Control Content Filtering   2013/12/18 anonymous
- It's easy to become confused when adding rules for Kerio Connect content filtering. Here's some basic advice. -

Protect against unauthorized use with Kerio Connect User Access policies   2013/12/12 TonyLawrence
- Kerio Connect User Access policies can help protect you from unauthorized mail use. -

Linode hosting for Kerio Connect  
- Using for self hosting Kerio Connect mail server or other services. -

Restoring a lost public folder in Kerio Connect  
- How to restore a lost public folder in Kerio Connect without bringing back all the folders if there have been changes to some of them since the backup you will use for the restore. -

How to choose a mail server for your small business  
- Email is close to absolute necessity for any business today. How you handle email is important. Do you want your company to be "[email protected]"? Probably not. -

Is VoIP Telephone service right for you or your business?   2013/12/11 BigDumbDinosaur
- From Magic Jack to full blown PBX systems, VoIP is a technology that might save you money and definitely can offer desirable features. -

Kerio Connect KOFF vs. KOC  
- Kerio Connect offers two versions of its Outlook Connector, KOC and KOFF. Why would you use one vs. the other? -

Handling Kerio Connect attachment blocking  
- If you get a lot of junk attachments but still need some customers to send files, what can you do? Here is a simple solution. -

The boss lost some email!   2014/06/06 TonyLawrence
- Oh, that can't be good! If the boss has lost some of his email, here are your options. -

Monitoring Kerio Connect for suspicious activity  
- If you suspect that user's email has been compromised, here is a script that can help. -

Kerio Connect Mailserver
Packet Dump in Kerio Control  
- Packet Dump used to be a hidden option in Kerio Control and you needed ssh to get the logs or even to remove them. That's no longer the case.` -

IPS in Kerio Control  
- You may never have even looked at IPS in Kerio Control or ever need to. It's there when you need it, though. -

DNS Forwarding in Kerio Control  
- DNS Forwarding in Kerio Control can be pretty powerful stuff. Learn its ins and out here. -

Who's been reading my email?   2013/07/02 DaveGillam
- The boss noticed that some emails he did not read were marked as read - who was responsible? -

An unusual DNS issue  
- An unusual DNS issue threatens a paycheck - and I still don't know what went wrong -

Getting a list of recursive SPF records   2013/06/28 TonyLawrence
- Should Kerio Connect have a function to automatically whitelist a valid SPF check? I think maybe they should. -

How to share folders and calendars with the Kerio Outlook Connector   2014/05/14 conrad
- There is the obvious way, but that's completely wrong. Learn how to share and subscribe correctly. -

Important changes coming in Kerio Control   2013/09/21 TonyLawrence
- The 8.1 release of Kerio Control contains a number of important new features. Some require a bit of explanation. -

Why Kerio should implement Milters   2014/04/04 anonymous
- Why Kerio should implement Milters or something very much like it -

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