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Wassup? Get this: he has two USB sticks because he realizes one might fail. I wish some of my real customers were that smart!

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Webmaster Tools vs. SEO Consulting   2015 04 
- Should you spend money on SEO consulting or can you just use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics? -
Let's be serious about System Administration   2013 08  2014/04/07 Keith
- Like Rodney Dangerfield, SysAdmins don't always get the respect they deserve. -
Is your job safe from robotics and computers? Are you sure?   2013 07 
- It's becoming very hard to predict what jobs may be available over the next few decades. -
Support is not an annoyance   2012 05  2012/06/01 TonyLawrence
- Kerio's recent support changes have caused some customer backlash. I am sypathetic to some of these complaints, but I also see the necessity of the change and think it actually can be good for everyone. -
Let's NOT have an email discussion about this!   2011 08 
- This is a less than ideal way to truly have a discussion. If Bill replies to me and I reply to him and then we have to get Stephanie's input and she and Bill l have a little side conversation, things get messy, confused and hard to follow very quickly. There are better ways to handle this. -
How should you price an e-book?   2011 08 
- I originally priced my books at $14.95 with discounts for multiple purchases. The sales were fair - I sold a little less than 300 copies at those prices. -
Working on weekends   2011 07 
- For me, working on weekends is about being able to choose when I work, not how much I work. I honestly could not say with any confidence how much I work, but I do know that I almost always work when I want to and (more importantly) do NOT work when I don't want to. -
Business reasons for using Kerio Connect   2011 07 
- I thought that I would take the discussion away from the technical aspects of the software and focus on the business side of things. -
Google Plus One Buttons   2011 07  2011/08/20 videoproduction
- I've recently added Google Plus One Buttons to pages here. I used to have other buttons - Twitter, Facebook "like" and even some others if we go back far enough. -
Helping my sister-in-law with Gmail   2011 06  2011/06/02 TonyLawrence
- I'd rather send pictures or a move than take control of their computer. They can refer back to what I sent over and over again. -
SpamCheetah as it stands today   2011 03 
- SpamCheetah is a greylisting spam control technique and it is more of a spam blocker rather than a spam filter since it really does not filter anything. -
Snarling Panda (Google Big Panda update)   2011 03  2011/03/25 TonyLawrence
- Google 'Big Panda' algorithm change disrupts many web sites, causes bitterness and confusion -
Three Computer Repair Books   2011 03 
- This is 162 pages, well written, with good humor and full of practical advice for the person starting out on a shoestring. -
Make money by answering questions? Probably not!   2011 02  2011/03/07 TonyLawrence
- These are sites where people post questions and others post answers. The resulting pages carry Adsense advertising and there is some method of sharing revenue with either those who provide the questions, the answers, or both. -
Rolling over Quickbooks to New Year   2011 01  2011/01/06 TonyLawrence
- Quickbooks has no rollover feature, so data files keep getting larger -
Was this the impression you wanted?   2010 05  2010/07/14 ResearchAnalyst
- Google rips me off and ticks me off with a gift that costs me both money and annoyance. -
Simple humanity   2010 05  2013/09/01 TonyLawrence
- Customers are human - why do so many consultants treat their customers so poorly? It's bad business and and it's bad morality. -
Good luck, Rupert   2010 03  2010/03/26 AndrewSmallshaw
- A lot of folks like Murdoch are watching their traditional income sources wither away and hope to get that back through the web. -
Off we go into the wide blue yonder   2010 03 
- It seems like everyone says 'move to the cloud', but there are questions you need to ask before you do that. -
Samepage - Redefining how people create and share information
Bad Attitude   2010 03  2010/03/14 Joe
- What you do matters. Work that is unpleasant affects your attitudes toward everything and it really isn't 'just money'. It matters. -
Questions about the new MA data security law   2010 03  2010/03/03 TonyLawrence
- New requirements for the protection of personal data by businesses are confusing at best. -
Hubpages   March  2012/08/01 TonyLawrence
- HubPages is an article site. You join, you create content (very easy to do, by the way) and that's about it. -
New Mass. Data Security Laws   2010 02  2010/03/02 TonyLawrence
- New security requirements could affect consultants as well as the business clients they serve. -
Hard Times   2010 02  2010/02/24 BigDumbDinosaur
- Hard Times: I know times are really tough for many people. Here in America, we have incredible opportunities to succeed, but our social safety net has a lot of big holes in it - you can fall right through to complete disaster. If you do fall, it can be very hard to move back up, but I fully believe that the best way upward for many of us is self employment. -
Budgeting with Mint.com   2009 12  2010/02/25 TonyLawrence
- Mint is a financial tracking and monitoring tool. I used it for a few months and was both surprised and disappointed by my spending. -
Friends with Benefits   2009 11 
- Excellent book on social media marketing: Aaargh! OK, I'll read the damn thing, I thought. Maybe there's enough fodder here for a scathing review - tear the skin right off the authors and roast them on a spit! That'll teach that publisher not to send me junk when I don't want it. I sat myself down on the couch and started reading. -
Answer the bleeping email   2009 10 
- Yeah, I know - I should not hold my breath. Communicating with large companies can be nearly impossible. -
Small is the new big   2009 10 
- When I tell people I work from a home office, the reaction is often a bit negative. 'How long have you been doing that?', they'll ask, often suspiciously. -
Wicked Smaht   2009 10  2010/04/10 anonymous
- I did end up happy, but that had nothing to do with being smart. -
Fear of public speaking   2009 10 
- I invited other local computer business owners to come visit us. Not one of the others even responded, never mind accepted. -
You ask too much   2009 10 
- Second, no, you don't really have any right to that information. -
A little help with an RSS experiment?   2009 10  2010/05/10 TonyLawrence
- Sure, some people are shy. Some people just don't care. I understand that. But less than 200 from 32,000? That seems very low. -
I am always right - aren't you?   2009 09 
- I've read a lot of your stuff and it exudes an I'm always right and I know more than you feel to it. -
Weave your spider web   2009 09 
- If you weave a web of your own it can act as a very effective safety net during the times you experience your blues. -
We can get bad service for a lot less, can't we?   2009 09  2010/01/20 TonyLawrence
- His problem is that people he had recommended have let him down. Missed appointments, unreturned calls and even worse: incorrect setup of system software. -
Get some rest - be a winner!   2009 09 
- Some people (even some of the people I play with) think poker is mostly luck. It definitely is not. -
The fish basket and the flower seller   2009 09 
- There is an old Indian story about a poor woman selling fish and how she got asphyxiated by the smell of jasmine flowers -
How to become a hacker   2009 08 
- Not only in programming, be it any activity. Unless one loves -
Thinking about retirement   2009 08  2011/02/03 BigDumbDinosaur
- What I do like is the state of being PMR - Pretty much retired -
Know your Balance Sheet   2009 08 
- If you are new to running a business, you might think that the most important report is -
Keurig B-60 for the Home Office   2009 07  2010/05/31 TonyLawrence
- I have been eying Keurig Single Cup coffee makers for some time now. -
Don't screw up the owner's computer!   2009 07 
- She complained that she had almost no free disk space -
Google Voice   2009 07 
- I got my Google Voice number today. This is going to be very helpful. It would have been even more helpful ten years ago when I basically lived on the telephone, but I am glad to have it now. -
Integrity - do we really have anything else?   2009 07 
- What else do any of us really have that's more important? -
The Looting of America   2009 07 
- This book attempts to explain our economic problems primarily by using the analogy of fantasy baseball -
Why aren't you doing that?   2009 07 
- why aren't you making oodles of money from the Internet? -
FTC and Affiliate Links   2009 06 
- A lot of bloggers and web sites make money from ads, affiliate links and from pushing their own products and services. The FTC recently announced concerns about affilate links -
I'm a lousy sales person   2009 06  2012/08/12 BigDumbDinosaur
- I really am a bad salesperson. I don't follow through, close, or do any of the stuff good salespeople are supposed to do. -
Working at home: Vipdesk   2009 05  2014/06/16 Tonie
- I was researching "Work at Home" opportunities for a possible upcoming article when I came across VipDesk. Unlike so many work at home solicitations, this is actually a legitimate outfit with a pay scale well above minimum wage ($14/hour and up plus benefits). The work could actually be very interesting for the right sort of person: Vipdesk offers a "concierge service" to well heeled clients. That is, the person working at home is a general resource for the client - they might make dinner reservations, travel arrangements, track down hard to find items and so on. -
Tough Times   2009 05 
- I've had a few support contract cancellations this week -
Kerio Connect Mailserver
The future of Working   2009 05 
- Opportunities abound in the changing face of work - self employment is likely to become more common as technology enables it. -
Web Content Filtering   2009 05 
- The vision of employees wasting valuable time on the web haunts some employers -
Communication   2009 05 
- But couldn't we have done this by email? I know why we didn't - it sounded simple. It actually WAS simple; it just got complicated as it made its way through the chain of people. -
One in a Hundred Million   2009 05 
- I'm reviewing this as a business book even though it was writtenas an autobiography. -
I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse   2009 04 
- Michael Franzese, a former Mob boss, contrasts the advice of Machiavelli and Solomon while throwing in a little mob history and anecdotes and relates all of that to general business advice. -
Corel Painter 11   2009 04 
- Way back in 1991 I bought a Microsoft Bus Mouse. I had never had a machine with a mouse before that (although I had used mice on some customers machines). It seems kind of funny now to think of a time without mice, but really I had no compelling reason to buy it. -
April Doldrums   2009 04 
- April has always been a slow month for me. I have no idea why,it just always has been. -
Spaghetti Dirty Horror Show   2009 04 
- My intention was simply to install a new computer and transfer a few files from an old wheezer. The old computer crowded was under a desk along with three servers; there was no more room so I just set the new one up on the floor initially. -
Be Happy - Duh!   2009 04 
- I felt a strong desireto share my knowledge with the world. The only problem was that I didn't know what that knowledge was. -

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