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Finding Yesterday's Date

Finding yesterday's date is easy in languages like Perl or if you have GNU date.

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Determine Unix/Linux version and cpu's  
- Usually some variant of uname, often 'uname -a', but all sorts of other possibilies; it depends on the Unix and in some cases even the specific version. -

Why does fsck need a scratch file?   2011/06/02 KenPorter
- Although fsck hasn't needed scratch files for a while, large disks are reopening that need. -

Finding Yesterday's Date   2014/02/05 TonyLawrence
- How to find yesterday's date on Linux, Mac and any other Unix. -

Yesterday's Date   2010/04/01 TonyLawrence
- Recently I was asked how to write a script that would automate the task of copying a log file to another directory -

What does a leading colon (:) mean in a script?  
- Bash and sh use colons as a separator ($PATH, for example), as a modifier (${n:="foo"}) and as a null operator ("while :"). -

Unix and Linux startup scripts, Part 1  
- In the beginning, there was "init". If you had a Unix system, you had "init" and it was almost certainly process id 1. -

Unix and Linux startup scripts, Part 2   2009/12/11 TonyLawrence
- The rc.d system is used on NetBSD, FreeBSD and DragonFly (and possibly a few other systems) to launch daemon processes when the system goes multiuser. -

Unix and Linux startup scripts, Part 3  
- We have looked at both System V and BSD methods; until fairly recently that would hav e been the end of the discussion. -

- A new BSD ?: I do like BSD OSEs, but I think the best thing about the release of PC-BSD is that the download page incudes a VMware image. That's smart, and I wish more distro's would do this. -

- Mach is a microkernel system, which means that most of the features that are ordinarily within the kernel are instead separate servers - think of them as daemons, though they aren't necessarily running in user space. -

- One some OSes, this is a 'parallel kill' that will use rsh to kill processes on multiple machines. On Linux and BSD, it allows selection by various criteria, including names (like 'killall'). -

ncftp - a better ftp client  
- The advantages of ncftp include automatic resumption of failed downloads and ease of working through firewalls. -

- Berkely Software Distribution. A Unix fork from 1977, BSD was the origination of much that it is important and expected in any Unix system. Many BSD programs and features have been incorporated into SysV Unix and of course vice versa, but one major difference has always been SysV's use of inittab, which BSD does not use. -

(SCO Unix)A BSD-based machine can't connect to mine via UUCP  
- (SCO Unix) A BSD-based machine can't connect to mine via UUCP -

Early opinions of Linux vs. BSD  
- If you want to go back to your "Golden Unix Years" [ or more likely the Xenix years ] I'd suggest the FreeBSD distribution. -



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