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Installation and light training Boston and New England

Forget the expense of flying to New England. Forget hotel and meals costs.

I'm sixty-five years old, well experienced (see the rest of this web site for details) and can provide installation, on-site support and light training for YOUR hardware and software in the New England area.

I can :

  • configure networks (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • install software, hardware (disk drives, memory, nic cards..)
  • perform upgrades
  • write scripts (DOS, Perl, Shell, awk, sed, etc.)
  • perform troubleshooting and provide light training

for YOUR hardware and software at YOUR customer's site.

When you need a pair of hands, eyes and a brain on-site in New England, I can save you the expense of travel and lodging.

You pay 95 cents per mile round trip from Middleboro MA (02346) and $85 per hour for actual time on site (minimum 4 hours, maximum 8 hours daily).

Reliable and experienced, punctual and professional.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Experienced tech available for hands-on, on site in Boston and New England.

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