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The people who visit here are mostly programmers and administrators looking for information on Linux or Unix. This is an excellent site for advertising conultant services, Unix and Linux software and hardware. Alexa traffic rank charts are displayed just below (low numbers are higher ranks). You can also visit UrlTrends for traffic indicators and we can provide Google Analytic reports on request.

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Consultants Page

If you are providing any sort of Unix/Linux related service, you can get listed (free) at Other Unix Consultants


Yes, I'd probably like to review your product, and publish an article about it here, but write to me before sending it to me, and make sure that I can keep it long enough to get to it. I'm always way behind on that kind of thing, but it is something that I try hard to keep up with.

Understand that I'm going to have my own opinion about your product, but I will give you a chance to respond to what I say here, and I will publish your response if you want me to.


email address
Telephone: (774) 213-1199 (Google Voice, will find me anywhere)
Cell: (781) 249-8010
Fax: (781) 658-2012

If you can't read that, take away the "an" from "anthony", remove the "h" and send email to that name at aplawrence.com. Sorry not to be plain, but too many 'bots read these sites looking for email addresses to spam.

An alternate address is "pcunix" and that is at Gmail. Feel free to use either.

IF YOU DON'T GET A RESPONSE - Either your email went into spam on my server or my email got rejected by yours. CALL ME IF THAT HAPPENS.

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