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Simple Web Cam Demos for Mac OS X

Next month I'm going to do a little demo of adding memory for my local computer club. I have some old machines I can use for this, including an old laptop, so I'm all set with that.

But then I realized that we usually have too big a crowd to be scrunched around a table watching this. We do have a large screen TV.. how can I use that?

Well, my first thought was to use a little webcam and multicast it from QuickTime Broadcaster. I could do that and pick up the stream with QuickTime Player.. that works, but there's a delay. I don't want a delay if I'm talking about what I'm doing now.

The Preview window in QuickTime Broadcaster is just what I want - there's no delay - except that it's too small. Even on the large screen, it will just be too small for people to see.

So that won't work.. or will it?


Actually, yes it will.

I forgot that I can scroll up my screen size just by holding Control and using a two finger scroll on the trackpad. If I position QTB so that the preview window is mid-screen, I can scroll that up to full screen and with the big screen mirroring my display, I have just what I want: full screen video of what I'm doing with no delay.

Simple, low tech (well, moderately low tech) and effective.

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