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A Mac Hypervisor?


This is Saturday, two days before the opening of Apple's 2006 WWDC. Speculation has been rampant for months as to what sorts of new things Apple may be announcing there. Most of the guesses have posited things like Mac cellphones, super iPods and the like, but Tom Yager may have drawn a bead on something that's really much more interesting

Tom actually first mentioned this back in May: OS X Leopard: Hello, hypervisor, but now he seems to be pretty certain: VMware for Mac to debut August 7.

In hoc signo speculatum: surely this doesn't foretell a Parallels workstation competitor? That would be boring, and way above Parallel's pricepoint. A version of the free Vmware server would be nice, but even more interesting would be a real, I'm in charge here bucko hypervisor that would replace OS X. Well, shift aside, rather: you'd install OS X and Windows, Linux, etc. all under its umbrella. Now THAT would be exciting.

But could that be? Current VMware Infrastructure products cost more than my MacBook, so that looks like a pretty small market segment to me. Yes, there are people running Xserve's who could benefit from that, but probably not enough to make it worth VMware's efforts.

Oh well, on Monday we'll know. Have a great weekend. Me? A lot of work to do around the house, the usual stuff, you know. I had better get started with that.

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Tue Aug 8 02:16:49 2006: 2378   TonyLawrence

and.. boring stuff. Vmware announced that later on they'll have VMware for Mac, and a bunch of fairly unimportant eye-candy changes in Leopard. Yawn..

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