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I upgraded my Mac iBook last night. Although it is up and running now, the upgrade was somewhat difficult and problematical.

First, I didn't like that there is insufficient feedback as to what is happening. Several times during the "Install" phase, and especially at the very beginning of it, I thought the machine was frozen. Only by putting my ear to the keyboard could I tell that the upgrade to Tiger was proceeding.

Because it was taking so long, I didn't stay in attendance and went off to clean up the kitchen and unpack from our weekend away. When I came back, it appeared to be rebooting. I sat for a minute and watched it, but Tiger obviously had a lot of work to do as the hourglass stayed and the hard drive clicked away merrily. I went away and watched TV for fifteen minutes. When I came back, it had my screensaver up and running, so I thought it might be all done, but only the blue screen that comes up just before login was behind it. The hard drive was still active, though the Tiger seemed to have stopped running about actively and was just scratching himself now and then.

I left it alone for almost an hour and returned to find the same situation. No keys elicited any response, so I finally gave up and power booted (hold Ctrl-Apple and Power button on an iBook). This time I sat and watched, though I had forgotten to put it into the console single-user mode ( hold Apple-S at startup) so that I could see what was really happening.

Again I got the blue screen. I waited a bit, puttering about with other things and reading the scant documentation that comes in the Tiger box. Finally, a bit disgusted, I was fat fingering a second power off when the login suddenly appeared. That was a relief! I logged in, and everything appeared to be fine. I decided the leave the machine on overnight and went to bed. My hope was that if there was indexing to be done for Spotlight, leaving it running overnight could get that done so that it wouldn't be slowing me down in the morning.

This morning, Tiger seems a bit sleepy and sluggish at times, but alert and quick other times. I haven't been able to form a real opinion about performance yet, but generally the system seems happy enough. I tried out the Spotlight searching and was suitably impressed. Dashboard widgets look interesting, but I've too many other things to do today; playing with Tiger will have to wait. Given the trouble I had with the upgrade, I think I want to do a full install later on this week. We'll see - if Tiger misbehaves, that's a definite.

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Mon May 2 13:30:01 2005: 423   TonyLawrence

Shortly after writing this, I started having more problems. Thunderbird wouldn't hold my News Server login/password, Firefox wasn't holding any remembered passwords, and then everything just locked up solid. Couldn't switch to anything, had to force power it off.. came up ok, but obviously something is amiss here..

Mon May 2 13:57:04 2005: 425   TonyLawrence

Then again, I may just be overloading the poor thing. It's Monday AM, a time when I do a lot of background and foreground tasks. "top" shows a busy, busy box.. and I notice these Dashboard widgets are near the top, so they probably aren't helping anything either..Mail is busily running mdimport too, and I suppose Spotlight is being kept busy by the other downloads/backups/etc. that I'm running..

It's possible that this 640MB G3 just isn't up to everything that I and Tiger want it to be doing this morning..

Mon May 2 22:16:11 2005: 427   anonymous

I have found that upgrades rarely create a stable user experience. I suggest a backup (rsyncx), then reformat and install fresh.

Tue May 3 00:11:19 2005: 428   TonyLawrence

Well.. in general I agree that fresh installs are the way to go. However, in recent years, IPU's (In Place Upgrades) have been getting better, especially if when you are only one release back.

However, I did plan on doing a fresh install here because that's also an easy way to clean out the accumulated junk that builds up after a few years of using a computer. But.. I was also anxious to see Tiger right away, so I did the upgrade, planning for the fresh install later.

Since the initial problems though, this has settled down and so far seems to be fine.. I'll still do the fresh install, but may wait until I have fewer other things on my plate - there are just so many things I'd need to reinstall (and so many I don't need, too).

Backups? Rsync backups every day.. and that box gets backed up to removable media (IOMEGA REV) and to another box to boot.. can't have too much backup in my mind :-)

Tue May 3 12:36:40 2005: 431   bruceg2004

I think your HW, may indeed be the issue. I do notice that there is a slight slowdown on my G4 Powerbook, with 1GB of memory. Not a lot, but enough to say that Tiger needs a little bit more power from the HW.

I hope you get everything running smoothly. So far, I have been lucky with my IPU. I was hoping it would go smooth, and it did.

Good excuse to buy a new laptop?

- Bruce

Tue May 3 15:44:17 2005: 433   TonyLawrence

I'd love to buy a new Mac, but the expenses around here have been non-stop this year: car repairs, house repairs, medical expenses.. this is "one of those years" where everything is hitting at once. I think we spent about twice our monthly income just on repairs last month..and we aren't done yet, and aren't even thinking about things that *should* be fixed rather than *must* be fixed.

Sat May 7 11:13:13 2005: 472   TonyLawrence

Oddly enough, things seem very stable and normal now. I think perhaps Spotlight was still running Monday and I was doing too many things, and just working the poor thing to death. Everything seems fine now..

Sat May 7 15:46:54 2005: 473   drag

You'd think they would have a indicator aviable for you or something like that.

I had a similar experiance with Fedora Core3. I wanted to try it out because it was new and I wanted to check out SeLinux stuff. So I installed it and noticed that everything was dog slow.. Took me a bit to realise that it was doing some optimizations and such like doing the prelink thing.

Gives a bad first impression, even though the OS was fine after a bit.

I figure it would be helpful to have like a little bouncing incone that shows 'optimization progress time left' or something like that in your dock or something like that.

So how is the performance overall? same/faster/slower?

Sat May 7 21:04:40 2005: 474   TonyLawrence

The graphics feel a little faster, but I'm not sure that overall it's much different.

Of course, a lot of my time is at the command line - the only things I really use in the GUI is Firefox and Thunderbird, booth of which are affected by Internet speeds.

Tue Sep 18 12:07:58 2007: 3128   anonymous

Upgraded my ibook to panther last night. I dont know whats going on but after the installation it would only go as far as the blue screen after the log in screen. I could hear d hard disk working, i waited for an hour and nothing happened. Can anyone help please?

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