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ThumbsUp is a free utility from Devon Technologies (they have several other free and not free products you may want to check out).

I often have to resize pictures for this website. Well, it's not all that often, because I don't put a lot of pictures in posts - in spite of every blogging advice website in the world telling me that I really, really need to do that if I want to be popular. Ahh, the heck with popular: I put pictures in when I want to and when I don't, I don't. Popular - bah, humbug!

ThumpsUp Control Panel

Anyway, though it may not be all that often, it is annoying to fire up iPhoto to do resizing, especially since my iPhoto is jammed to its gills with family photos and it takes FOREVER to load. OK, not forever. But it's sixteen seconds and I'm not all that patient, ya know? If I wanted to look at thirteen hundred family pictures, fine, sixteen seconds isn't that bad. But when I just want to resize an image..

There are other tools I could use. Preview can adjust the size of an image file and at the command line I can use sips. There are plenty of open source tools I could use, too. But this simple little drag and drop ThumbsUp is so easy and lightning quick I'm sure it will be my first choice from now on.

You just leave this puppy in the dock and drag your pictures to it. Poof, the thumbnails are done. It's so darn quick I didn't think it had done anything. You can of course control the size specifically or scale by percentage; the control widget is shown at left here.

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