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Our oldest daughter and her husband were up visiting this weekend. We played Scrabble - I destroyed them. We played pool - they destroyed me. We enjoyed a wonderful mushroom lasagna they prepared for us. We laughed, we looked at old photos and school projects we had saved; it was a great visit.

At some point they mentioned that they wanted to buy a new computer and said they were looking at Dell notebooks. Both my other son-in-law and I responded immediately: "Gosh no, buy a Mac".

We explained that if you consider what you get for your money, Macs deliver much more value. Yes, you *can* configure a cheaper Dell laptop than the cheapest MacBook, but what you get with the base MacBook is so much more. I pointed out that with Parallels and the soon to come VMware for Mac, you can run Windows also, and that the entire world of Open Source is available either directly or through virtualization. We talked about iPhoto, iTunes, using your Mac as a DVD player for your TV and the general pleasure of running a smoothly integrated operating system.

More and more people are seeing the Mac light, especially when comparing it to Microsoft Vista. Mac sales are climbing and so is their market share.

I've noticed it in other places too. For example, I subscribe to Google alerts for various subjects, including one for "apple OR macintosh OR "intel mac" OR "os X". Over the past year, the number of alerts I get for those keywords has increased steadily: Mac is a hot subject on the web.

If you have an Apple store near you, go take a test drive. The only caveat I have is to make sure you load up with one and preferably two GB of RAM - trust me, you'll be doing so much with your Mac that you will want this.

Time to switch? You betcha.

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Mon Nov 13 16:20:51 2006: 2611   BigDumbDinosaur

The interesting thing is that many folks don't realize that they don't need Windows for much of anything. The majority of home computers are used to go on-line, send and receive E-mail, do a little word processing, and maybe manage the family finances. None of that requires Windows. Games are another matter, but as time goes on, they too will be ported to other environments if demand warrants it.

Even business users, for the most part, aren't doing anything that specifically demands the services of Windows. I run my business entirely on UNIX and only switch to Windows for applications that aren't supported in other environments (e.g., mechanical drafting and printed circuit board design). Even in this regard the importance of Windows is declining, as virtualization will eventually obviate the need for any specific OS, other than that hosting the virtualization itself -- and that OS most likely will be a UNIX derivative.

The point is this: you shouldn't be getting a Dell, dude. You should be looking at the Mac.

Wed Nov 15 15:53:43 2006: 2619   Jb

This is an interesting product: (link)

Can use it to transfer apps and data from a PC to a Parallels system.. but then again, why wouldn't the Windows Files and Settings transfer wizard do the same thing?

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