Stupid Mac Quotes

"I know macs are expensive actually i'm switching to a mac from a pc and i'm gonna be spending about over 2 grand ($AUD) just to get a basic mac. See what turns people off getting macs is that you have to buy all the software for it."

Ayup. Mac FanBoys will point out that Mac Minis start at $599.00 but of course that's just bait and switch: we all know there's no way you can get out of an Apple store or their website without loading up with a Mac Book Pro AND a Mac Book Air. And the software? Don't get me started. It may be true that I haven't had to buy any software at all for my Mac, but everybody knows that software is expensive and Macs don't come with any.

Really, everybody knows that.

"I would certainly want Vista over a Mac because our service packs aren't 150 buck upgrades."

Mac patches are actually much more costly than that. I have never understood why Windows apologists don't understand the real costs of Mac patches. Oh sure, the download is free, but they come at random times - no predictable "Patch Tuesday" as in the Microsoft world. This unpredictability costs many hours of wondering - will there be a patch today? Will we have to wait weeks or even months? It's maddening.

And then - you'll never believe this: sometimes we have to reboot our systems after a patch! More costly seconds down the drain, lost forever. Sure, Macs boot quickly, much faster than Windows, but still, it's lost time, and remember, WE CAN'T PREDICT IT! It just happens. That stupid Software Update notifier pops up, and there it is.. worse, it shows us what it is updating and even lets us find out why - who has time for that?

Windows patches are sooo much better.

"and let me tell you, OSX is just as troublesome as any other OS, and in my opinion, more so... I really do not enjoy working with Mac's (what is the deal with the one stubborn persistence to only 1 mouse button?)."

Hmmm. That button stuff. Yeah, of course you can hook any USB mouse you like to your Mac and it will work, and there's absolutely nothing I can't do with my Mac Book Pro touchpad while there ARE things I can do that you cannot.. but never mind, when the dude is right, the dude is right. Sure, it would really tick off those of us who LIKE the way Apple does mice, but obviously Apple needs to throw all that away and go with PC mice.

Just to shut up these morons.

"Questioning the infallibility of OS X is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. 'But what about Microsoft?' they scream. This isn't about Microsoft. This is about the fact that attackers can't seem to be bothered to write OS X malware."

Right. It's not that Unix is a more secure OS (Microsoft just designed Vista to be more like Unix for security because.. because.. well, never mind why). No, this guy has hit the nail right on the head: the problem is these lazy malware writers!

Apple should offer malware writing training classes. I know Microsoft doesn't do this, but then they don't have to, do they?,_I%27m_a_PC,_and_you%27re_just_a_liar.aspx

"I have a problem with the Apple ads. These ads, are plain lies. Nothing, but plain lies and misleading of the consumer."

But they are funny, right? C'mon, admit it: the ads are funny.

Worry not: the Consumer Protection Agency has already received thousands of letters from outraged Microsoft managers. No doubt they'll be acting on this injustice soon.

Right after they stop laughing.

"I'll stick with Windows thank you. Vista is excellent and the only reason in the past for using a Mac was for video editing, and those dorky people who didn't know any better, but now that Windows PC's have caught up, why put yourself in a position where a printer or camera or device you buy may end up not being mac supported or you will have trouble with converting, finding software, free stuff etc.

Mac's are the Ralph Nader of the computer industry, just around to influence people."

Damn. Another square on hammer blow. Mac's DO influence people, and that can't be good. Did you know you can be arrested for being "under the influence"? It's true..

Oh, and Vista is "excellent". EVERYBODY says so.. well, except some of the big shots at Microsoft who got shafted by Vista just like everyone else - but not to worry, because the NEXT Microsoft OS will be super cool and neat-o! Some say it will almost be as good as Apple's Mac OS X, though of course that's silly..

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