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Siri gets confused


I dragged my wife into the world of smartphones on her 68th birthday. Actually, she didn't resist all that much, but it certainly was a long time coming.

I knew that she'd like Siri, and especially so for calling people and sending texts. Texts is the method our youngest daughter prefers when it is too urgent for email. Not wanting to bother her, I had my wife practice with me and we immediately ran into a problem: Siri couldn't text me.

A quick look told me why: My name was in her phone seven times, some using the same number and some not. Some were entered as "mobile", but most of them were marked as "other". All of these had been transferred from her old phone; some of the duplicates came from that transfer, but most were just her adding me in again and again. Her sister was there ten times and certain businesses (like a local nursery) appeared three or four times - no wonder Siri was confused!

I spend a half hour this morning cleaning out her contacts and merging the ones where home and cell had neen entered separately. I tested texting and calling with Siri several times; it should be ready for my wife now.

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