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My iPad Senior Moments

I had two silly iPad problems over the weekend. The first was just a big "Duh!" on my part - I wanted to use iTunes and did not notice the app icon. Did I really need to go back to my computer just to use iTunes? That didn't seem to make sense.

I actually posted on a newsgroup about that - the responses asked if I had done a little too much partying over the weekend. Yes, of course the icon is there; I had actually moved it off my home screen and never thought about it again. I think it would make sense if the App Store, the iBooks store and iTunes were all together in one app, but at least I found it!

The second problem was a smaller "Duh!".

I had changed my Lock Screen image to a drawing. As I had downloaded new apps and had also imported new photos on my MBP, I decided to sync again. Every time I had done that in the past, the sync just started automatically, but now it did not.

When I connected, both iTunes and iPhoto started up - iPhoto wanted to import one item, and that item was the jpg I had chosen for the lock screen! Obviously Apple hasn't taken out the iPhone camera code!

iTunes showed the iPad but didn't offer to sync - and there is no menu choice for that function. I tried it on our Mac Mini also - same results. I shutdown both the MBP and the iPad and rebooted. Same behavior. I changed the lock screen photo. Same results, still seeing my drawing for import.

I let iPhoto import the photo and told it to delete it -yep, it was gone and now iPhoto didn't try to import anything, but iTunes still didn't initiate sync.

I was frustrated. I looked and posted at the Apple discussion forums, but got nothing useful. I made an appointment at my nearest Genius Bar for the next day. Just out of stubborness, I tried it one more time; it was then that I noticed that if I clicked on the iPad device in the left column of iTunes, it was showing me an ad asking if I wanted to sign up for Mobile Me. Annoyed, I clicked "No", and.. there was the Sync screen.


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