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Adventures in Xcode and the iPhone SDK

I was less than half a mile from home when it simultaneously started to rain and a muscle in my calf cramped up. I chastised myself for having done too many squat walks at the gym. Those involve kneeling with your back straight so that one knee almost touches the ground, standing up and repeating with the other leg to "walk" forward. You look absolutely foolish while doing them, but it's very good exercise that requires strength and balance. It gets my heart pumping too. I usually do three sets of 30, but today I had done two sets of 40 and one of 30. Probably too much, but there I was.

As muscle cramps go, this wasn't all that bad. As rain goes, that was nothing to complain about either. Light rain, minor cramp; just keep walking. The cramp will either work itself out or you'll fall down in agony, with the former being much more likely. In a similar way, I could count on the rain either stopping, getting worse or just pestering me the rest of the way home. With half a mile to go, it didn't really concern me.

As I walked along, I thought about the "pain" I've been having with Xcode and the iPhone SDK. This is all very new to me - I've dallied about in Xcode before, but I'd never really done anything graphical and certainly hadn't tried any iPhone/iPad programming. There's a learning curve, and while it doesn't quite look like Mount Everest to me, it's a steep enough climb that I have to stop and rest along the way and I have slid backward more than once when I foolishly tried to scale too far ahead. But the "pain" has been more than that.

Xcode kept randomly crashing on me. I don't mean my code crashed; I expect that now and then. No, I mean the IDE itself was crashing for no apparent reason. Last week it crashed right after I opened it and told it to create a new project. That sure couldn't have been my fault in any way.

I asked around and got universal agreement that Xcode is not generally considered to be a buggy application - if it's crashing, something is very wrong somewhere. Yesterday I got the straw that broke my patience: I had added a button with Interface Builder, saved it, compiled the project and saw no button. Of course I must of forgotten to hit save, or had accidentally hidden this behind something else? No, I even trashed every other object I had and ripped out all code that changed anything and that button remained invisible. Time for an Xcode transplant.

So, I rm'd /Developer. Heartless, yes, but this had gone past the point of being annoying. I reinstalled Xcode from my Snow Leopard media, did a Software Update and then downloaded the iPhone SDK. Just to be sure I did a Software update check after that.

Interesting thing about this: before removing /Developer, I checked disk space.

/dev/disk0s2   155629664 105208720  49908944    68%    /

After doing all the reinstallation steps and of course rm'ing the iPhone SDK .dmg file, I ended up with this:

/dev/disk0s2   155629664 107216704  47900960    70%    /

As I effectively just removed and reinstalled what I already had, I didn't expect a near 1GB change. That's a healthy chunk of something I didn't have before. I have no idea how anything could be missing, but I sincerely hope that this was the problem. If it isn't, I'm looking at RAM or m/b problems and I don't really want to think about that just now, thank you.

The cramp did disappear before I got home. So did the rain. I'm sure I'll hit some more troubles on my path to iPhone SDK Enlightenment, but I expect that if I just keep walking, it will all work out and eventually I'll get to where I want to be.

Or I'll fall down in agony. We'll see.

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Tue Apr 20 10:51:48 2010: 8435   Michiel


I'm not sure if it makes any significant difference, but the canonical way to uninstall Xcode is to run "/Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools" - it also removes some stuff from /Library.

Tue Apr 20 11:34:21 2010: 8436   TonyLawrence


Thanks - everything seems to be fine now.

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