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Magnet Media, Inc.'s Inside Mac OS X:

http://www.digitalmediatraining.com/ products/panther/panther_main.html (link dead, sorry)

I've been using Mac OS X as my main system for more than a year, have read quite a few books, visit Mac OS X Hints regularly, and I peruse a number of other Mac OS X sites almost daily. I really didn't think I'd personally get much from this training DVD. In fact, I hesitated when they contacted me to review it - my initial reaction was "Sheesh, that would be boring". But I decided that I ought to review it because it might still be valuable to someone just starting with OS X and Panther.

Well, I was wrong. Not about this being valuable for someone just getting their feet wet; it definitely would be. I was wrong about my own reaction. First, it wasn't boring. Not at all. There's over seven hours of content here, and I went through all of it. Sure, there were things I already knew. But I was very surprised to find out things I had forgotten or never knew at all. I don't think there was a single section where I didn't pick up something useful or interesting, and in most sections I found several. Some of them really astonished me in the "how the heck did I miss THAT?" sense.

The training is divided into sections of about ten to fifteen minutes each, so you can easily squeeze this into a busy day a little at a time. The presentation is well paced, and the presentor seldom hesitates or stumbles at all, yet does not sound like he is reading from a prepared script. It sounds fresh and unrehearsed (though of course obviously it is not - it's just very professionally done). I did find that sometimes the video lagged behind the sound track, but that is probably no fault of the production but simply that my display got slightly behind because of other things my computer was doing in background. It was never enough to seriously affect the presentation.

You do need a Mac (minimum G4) to use this training, and your screen resolution has to be at least 1024 X 768 - hardly unreasonable requirements.

If you are buying a Mac or giving one as a gift, add this training. You won't regret it.

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