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I am disappointed by the new Apple TV

I really expected that I'd be ordering an Apple TV this month, but after watching the keynote address and reading all about it online, I have changed my mind. It is simply too expensive and doesn't offer me enough to justify the price.

Certainly it has good features. I really like that it uses Bluetooth and the concept of apps is very promising. But my suspicion is that most of those apps will be games, and I have zero interest in that.

There is a way Apple might make me a customer. If they offered the device at a more reasonable price by dropping the obviously expensive remote and replacing it with iPad/iPhone software, I might be far more interested. Obviously most of the fancy remote capabilities could be duplicated in IOS, and I doubt that I'd miss those that could not. In fact, Apple probably missed a marketing opportunity here: they could probably charge more for the remote if it were sold as an optional accessory. Yes, they would lose some because competitors would likely offer compatible remotes, but overall that might mean more sales of the base unit, so the net result might be better.

I wonder if they even considered that?

Update: after reading more reviews, my opinion is becominh more favorable and I am now leaning toward purchase. I'm gping to visit an Apple store soon to take a close up look.

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