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MacBook Pro - Day Two

I didn't do anything beyond Terminal and Firefox until late in the afternoon when I took a break to play a little poker. I had been playing for perhaps half an hour when my mouse froze.

Almost all applications have keyboard shortcuts, but if you don't know them ahead of time, a sudden freeze like this can leave you helpless. My keyboard still worked: alt-tab cycled through applications and alt-command-escape brought up Force-Quit, but other than that I was impotent. I watched helplessly as a good hand timed out and was folded automatically.

I closed the MacBook cover to put it to sleep. Sometimes awakening from sleep can fix silly problems, so it was worth a try. I have noticed that the MacBook takes a little longer to respond to a closed cover than my iBook does, and that the "sleep" light (a pulsing led that indicates sleep mode) is harder to see in ordinary light.

By the way, the back lit keyboard came on as the room darkened - that is a nice feature. I also found on-line that the new Macs can be put into what Apple calls "safe sleep mode" and Windows folks would call "hibernation" - the machine is really powered off, but will restore to its previous state upon rebot. I haven't tried this yet, but How to Safe Sleep (Hibernate) Your Mac (link dead, sorry) seems to have all the details.

Well, opening the cover didn't help the mouse. I tried again, a little longer, and this time the mouse was restored. I played a few more hands, and it happened again. I gave up.

This is probably a Rosetta bug. The software I was using is a Power PC binary so it has to go through Rosetta translation. A little searching on-line shows that some other apps cause similar problems. No doubt either Apple will fix the problem or the apps will be recompiled as Universal Binaries (apparently that's usually fairly easy). In the meantime I'll have to learn the keyboard shortcuts - I hope Raise Pot isn't easily confused with Raise All-In.

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Wed Mar 1 23:32:28 2006: 1729   TonyLawrence

Hmmm.. played for 90 minutes today, no repeat of freezes.. strange..

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