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The Lion roars - did I just yawn?

I was momentarily excited about Apple's new Lion OS. It is quite an attractive upgrade - just $29.00, electronic delivery, free iCloud, strong integration with iPad and iPhone, major interface changes.. I am sure this will help Apple encroach upon Microsoft even more and drive Apple stock ever upward.

But I likely will not buy it. I may just be a lonely Snow Leopard keeper for now.

What heresy is this? Why would I eschew this opportunity? Surely this is a no-brainer?

Well, no. First up, it won't run on my wheezing old 32 bit MacBook Pro and I'm not going to cough up money for a new machine any time soon (however, if some bored billionaire wishes to gift me a new iMac, my shipping address is easy to find). Apparently there are ways to trick the big cat into running on Core Duo machines, but trickery often leads to flakiness later, so I won't do that.

I could run it on my wife's newer Mac Mini. But the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. She has no iPhone or iPad to sync with - is that billionaire still reading? Nor could she make use of the new IOS-like interface features unless we added a trackpad or at least a Magic Mouse and after all that, she might not even like it. Really, Lion doesn't seem to offer her much.

Sure, I'd like to play with it, but I can haul myself over to a nearby Apple store when it comes out. They'll probably even have classes on it if I really want to get into it. My bet is that I won't bother. When the old MacBook finally gives its last gasp, I'll think about a new machine and will run whatever operating system makes sense then, Apple, Linux or who knows what?

That is definitely the smart plan for my wife, though: let her try it out at a store first. If she likes it, we'll spring for a trackpad and an upgrade. If not, we won't.

And I'll just limp along, out of touch, uncool, becoming more and more of an antique. That's OK, I guess. I tend to spend more time with my iPad, anyway, and that will be updated with IOS 5, so I won't be totally out of the loop, right?

So, let the Lion roar. We'll survive without it.

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Wed Jun 8 15:34:32 2011: 9538   BrettLegree


I will be upgrading to Lion on one of my machines, because it can handle it (I have run the Developer Previews on it so far) and the price is right.

However, if I couldn't, it would not bother me, to be honest - if the machine keeps working for my purposes, then I can wait, like you. I have one such machine like that, actually - a 2005 PowerBook G4.

It currently runs Leopard - but I will be installing Ubuntu on the weekend (leaving it dual-boot), since support for Leopard (and availability of software) is becoming limited, whereas PPC Linux seems to be in much better shape.

Plus, I was impressed by the speed and functionality of Ubuntu right off the live disc.

Will I get a new MacBook Pro with Lion (or whatever comes after that) in the future?

Not sure. I have a couple of ThinkPads in my "stable" as well, and they are excellent hardware.

Linux also runs like a top on the ThinkPad machines, and meets my needs, so...

Thu Jun 9 00:11:44 2011: 9540   John


I'm sure I'll upgrade. My hardware (at least some of it) can handle the new software.

But I definitely see your point. I'll be upgrading for a variety of reasons. I like some of the new features they showed. At $30, it's not hard to swallow. But often it's the little things that really make the upgrade worth the time and expense. Sometimes, it's what's not in the demo that makes it worth it.

Like drag-and-drop from Spotlight.

Thu Jun 9 00:44:01 2011: 9541   TonyLawrence


I just noticed "per user screen sharing". That could be interesting..

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