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Lauren's PC

You've seen that ad, right? Lauren, supposedly just an average person pulled from Craig's List, is very comfortable and relaxed on-camera. That might be because she's coincidentally an actress, but we'll pretend Microsoft didn't know that. With her sporty clothing and her black Volkswagen convertible, she seems like a pretty cool chick, but in the ad she says "I'm just not cool enough to be a Mac person". Gosh, she sounds a bit disappointed.. and she should be.

As so many other sites have pointed out, the cheap PC she ended up with doesn't even begin to compare to a MacBook. That's OK - Lauren seems interested in price rather than anything else. The only specification she seems to care about is having a 17" screen - why, we are not told. Perhaps she doesn't care about performance: she bought a 2GB model. Maybe she's planning on bumping that up with cheaper after market memory? We don't know

That Volkswagen convertible is hardly the cheapest new car she could have bought - I wonder why she picked that over a Smart at just over half the cost of that VW? Maybe she thought about more than just being a convertible?

Some things Lauren should have thought about before she bought that PC:

Software needs: What's this computer going to be used for? If it's only for email and browsing, a Linux notebook would have been even cheaper. If it's for photos and movies, the Mac is plainly a better choice. Maybe it's some Microsoft only software you need, Lauren? If so, you still could have bought the Mac, because it can run Windows under VMware or Parallels - the Microsoft OS can't run OS X in a VM.

Battery life: If she's planning to use this away from a wall outlet, battery life would seem to be important. The Macbook Pro claims a 8 hour battery life, the HP she bought claims 2.5 hours. Is that important? Only Lauren knows.

That Mac battery also claims to be able to be recharged 1,000 times.. batteries do cost money, Lauren.

Display:: 17" isn't the whole story. The MacBook Pro can do 1920 by 1200, the HP Pavilion only does 1440 x 900 - oops!

Durability: The HP is a cheap plastic case. The MacBook Pro: unibody aluminum. Guess which one is more rugged?

Viruses and malware: Lauren, I hope you know that you WILL get this crap on your PC. Maybe you'll be able to fix it yourself, maybe you won't, but it will cost you either time or money. It could cost you a lot more if a key logger steals your credit card or bank information. Your chance of anything like that on a Mac today is so close to zero it isn't even worth mentioning.

Yes, Microsoft Fanboy in the back, I know it isn't zero. I know that there are recently published exploits. The chance of Lauren having any problems with a Mac is still very, very low.

OS Annoyance: Did you get Vista with that PC, Lauren? Pardon my evil grin, but a lot of people really hate that OS because it can get pretty annoying about security. Of course you can shut that off so it won't mutter at all when that piece of malware takes over.. Mac user escalation checks are much less intrusive.

I'm sorry you didn't think about these things, Lauren. Yes, a Mac costs more, but so did that Volkswagen. Probably those boots did too..

I bet if you really thought about it you would have either decided to up the budget, settle for a smaller screen or just buy an iMac if you really don't need a notebook. Overall, you'd be better off.

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Tue Mar 31 03:05:37 2009: 5912   BrettLegree

I have a question - is Lauren's VW new or pre-owned?

I ask this, because I'm wondering how smart she really is.

(I know she's really an actress, so my question is just hypothetical.)

I also own a VW, a GTI 1.8T with a 5-speed, very nice. Brand new, it would have cost about $35,000 before tax - but I bought a pre-owned one, with warranty, 4 years old for $14,000 (I'm a good talker).

So if Lauren is so smart, she'd buy a pre-owned car.

She could also buy a pre-owned 17" Powerbook for $849 on eBay right now - I just checked, and found a BuyItNow! machine, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, 1.67GHz, even comes with OS X 10.5 on it.

Wow, that took me all of 2 minutes to find.

I bet it would give that HP a run for the money too.

I don't think she's not cool enough to be a Mac person, I think she's too dumb to be a Mac person.

Tue Mar 31 04:45:23 2009: 5913   anonymous

Haha wow. If you customize said laptop to almost the same specs as the MBP on the HP website (minus a slightly lower screen res, still about 1600x900, but plus a quad-core C2D, Blu-Ray, a higher end graphics card, more default memory, a larger hard drive, fingerprint reader and extra 8-cell battery) it's still almost a thousand dollars cheaper. You can't tell me that a laptop in that configuration wouldn't meet the average user's needs, which is exactly the point. Why *should* the minimum price point be $2700 for mid-range hardware? Because that's all Apple will give you, while PCs give you a choice of many different needs at (usually) better price points.

And commenter above, I am laughing. An ancient PowerPC laptop that is pretty much deprecated softwarewise, and well outclassed hardware wise, for more than the cost of the HP? Well used at that. Utterly ridiculous, I see the RDF is going strong over here.

Tue Mar 31 09:22:24 2009: 5915   TonyLawrence

can't tell me that a laptop in that configuration wouldn't meet the average user's needs

Sure it would - because the "average user" is willing to settle for junk, just as Lauren did.

The Mac is worth the premium - though again, when you really compare apples to apples, that so called "Apple tax" dissipates rather quickly.

Tue Mar 31 09:55:18 2009: 5917   BruceGarlock

She will also need to spend some time uninstalling all the "crapware" that HP is known for adding to their laptops (which help subsidize the cost) from all the different SW companies. You can actually feel the quality difference between a $700 HP and a $1100 Mac. Remember, it is a laptop, so it will get some bumps and bruises. Which one do you think will hold up?

Personally, I think Lauren just bought a $700 piece of garbage. You seriously couldn't give one to me. I would never use it. I wouldn't even disgrace linux and run that on it. There has yet to be an HP laptop that I have been impressed with.

- Bruce

Tue Mar 31 10:08:18 2009: 5918   BrettLegree

To anonymous -

Note I was saying that Lauren claimed she wasn't cool enough to be a Mac person, when what was really implied by the ad was she wasn't rich enough to be a Mac person.

The type of person who will buy a machine like this HP will be a light-duty user - surfing, web mail, photographs - something that the "outclassed PowerPC" machine is more than capable of doing.

I used to run AutoCAD in VirtualPC on an even older machine (in Windows 2000) and it was useful. A Ti Powerbook G4/800, 768 MB memory - we were doing real engineering work, not amateur photo editing. So I'm pretty sure that a 4 year old PB would work for the "average user".

Question for you then, Mr. anonymous - how many of these HP units will be selling on eBay in 4 years time? How many will actually still be running?

Laugh away behind your anonymity.

Tue Mar 31 10:17:28 2009: 5919   BruceGarlock

Great point about the resale value. Just search Ebay, and see how much that HP is worth. Macs command much higher resale value, and that is important when it comes time to upgrade. My wife uses a PowerBook, and it is plenty fast. The only time you can see any difference is transcoding video. It is plenty fast for an average user.

Tue Mar 31 10:38:58 2009: 5920   TonyLawrence

Agreed - even a 3 year old first generation (not 64 bit) MBP still sells for more than that HP does brand new.

I could sell mine and almost buy two of those HP's - that tells you something.

Tue Mar 31 10:43:53 2009: 5921   TonyLawrence

that tells you something.

Or rather it SHOULD tell you something. Anonymous (aren't they always?) won't understand that used prices are a real indication of value. When you see what people are willing to pay for older Macs and what they are NOT willing to pay for used PC's, you ought to be smart enough to see where the value lies.

But Mr. or Ms. Anonymous won't see that..

Tue Mar 31 12:02:09 2009: 5923   BrettLegree

Good point Bruce, about the crapware.

You can sometimes compare "consumer" vs. "business" models on vendor websites (Dell comes to mind) to see how much the vendor is saving by installing the crapware. It tends to be a few hundred dollars.

Without all the "free trials" for Norton, Office, etc., the good deal is not so good anymore.

Tue Mar 31 15:39:38 2009: 5924   BigDumbDinosaur

I personally don't like laptops. The keyboard sucks, the "mouse" sucks, the display is too small for my feeble eyes, and connecting peripherals like printers can be a pain in the katushka (no el cheapo USB printers in this office). I cringe any time there's a laptop in here for service. I'd rather my customers took them elsewhere when something goes south -- the nearest recycling center being a recommendation of mine. About all laptops have going for them, IMHO, is portability. That, and they make pretty good door stops. <Grin>

Tue Mar 31 16:12:17 2009: 5926   TonyLawrence

Well, a 15 or 17 inch laptop really isn't all that constrained.. but we all have our own preferences.

Tue Mar 31 22:08:12 2009: 5932   rockwell

//Lauren, I hope you know that you WILL get this crap on your PC. Maybe you'll be able to fix it yourself, maybe you won't, but it will cost you either time or money. It could cost you a lot more if a key logger steals your credit card or bank information.//

Tony, I've used Windows for about 15 years ... and I've had maybe a handful of virii in that length of time, and my antivirus software caught and eradicated them almost instantly.

I've know Mac users in that span of time that have had many more virii.

The human interface to any computer is 99% of the problem. Some of us have no trouble at all using Windows.

Tue Mar 31 22:14:48 2009: 5933   TonyLawrence


When you say those Macs got virus infections, would those have been System 7 or older, perhaps?

And you *did* get infected - you were just lucky that your A/V software caught it.

Macs are a far better deal than Windows - for all these reasons.

Tue Mar 31 22:25:21 2009: 5934   anonymous

Okay, to compare what is arguably a much higher quality PC laptop, the Dell Studio XPS 16. This laptop has backlit keyboard, aluminum build, built in 2MP webcam, high quality design and relatively low weight, slot-loading drive, capacitive media controls, gesture-supporting touchpad, high quality keyboard, edge to edge glass display, etc. You also can specifically request a clean "crapware" free version of Windows from Dell, at no charge.

As configured, I have a Dell Studio XPS 16 for $2,049.
It has a C2D T9800,
16" Full RGB LCD, 1920x1080 (This screen supports the full RGB gamut, much better than the generic TN panel in the 15 inch Macbook Pro)
320GB 7200 RPM hard drive, as the base option mind you. It has the same drop protection as a Mac laptop.
ATI HD 3670 512 MB, the ATI counterpart of the 9600M
Wireless N and Bluetooth
Blu-Ray/DVD-RW drive
Extra 9 cell slice battery, a second battery with a few hours more use.

Note that the final price does not reflect the usual discounts, from 10-15% that Dell usually offers.

Now let's look at the 15 inch Macbook Pro.
Upgrading to the same processor and hard drive, check.
Lower resolution screen at 1440x900, TN panel and lacking full RGB support, check.
No Blu-Ray, check.
No extra battery.
Price: $2,849. No real discounts available.
So decidedly inferior specs in the Mac, for at least $800 dollars more. I would call that an Apple tax.

Both have excellent build quality - the Dell does have a magnesium alloy internal chassis underneath the aluminum, and I will say does it's duty well, as my Vostro 1500 (a cheap laptop with a similar chassis) can attest to its many drops and hits.

Software-wise, Office is about the same price on both machines. The Dell has the option of getting Works for free, and both always have the option of getting OpenOffice at no cost. Windows Live Wave 3 now provides a "iLife" style suite for Windows at no cost. And let me tell you, these applications are worlds apart from the Windows XP built in applications (which even a diehard Microsoft fan would admit those was horrid). If you account for anti-virus on Windows, or a firewall to supplement the built-in one - both of which can be had for free.Honestly, I believe the software worlds of Microsoft and Apple are near equal in terms of quality choices available.

Usability - OS X is nice and usable. But Vista has been much improved with SP1, and Windows developers finally following sensible development practices in the past year, UAC should not be a problem and provide a much more UNIX style experience. The original problems plaguing UAC was that Windows developers' old applications were following an old insecure model, and addressing that makes UAC near invisible. Windows 7 will only improve that - stability, hardware support, and performance, running as fast as XP even on a netbook.

In terms of value, what I was trying to address was that Lauren, or any computer buyer, has much more choice in getting what suits them with a PC, if only because Apple limits their hardware range.
Sure she could get a PowerPC Powerbook for $800, as an email machine. But she could also get a modern PC with more power for the same price or less, with much more room to expand should she need more power. If she wants a light portable email machine, she can pick up a Dell Mini 9 (capable of running OS X if she so secretly desires to be "cool") for $250. The point is, a PC user, by nature of the market, has much more options that can suit any user, while Apple's limited product line limits the users it can cater to, especially in the lower end of the market.

Long post, I know. Apple makes some nice hardware and beautiful software, but you can't tell me that there isn't anything just as good in the PC world, often for a better price.

Tue Mar 31 22:28:42 2009: 5935   TonyLawrence

you can't tell me that there isn't anything just as good in the PC world, often for a better price.

Of course I can. I did. Weren't you listening?

Tue Mar 31 22:45:08 2009: 5936   anonymous

I just gave you a breakdown between the Dell and the Macbook, with a clear disparity between price/performance/quality in Dell's favor. Weren't you reading?

Tue Mar 31 22:53:53 2009: 5937   BrettLegree


Chevrolet makes a car called the Cobalt SS. It performs better than my Volkswagen GTI, and costs less. It even has four doors, and mine has two, so it is more convenient if I want to take passengers.

Logically I should buy the Chev, except -

I think it looks like crap externally. The layout of the controls inside are illogical, even though they do the same thing. I don't like the service I get at the Chev dealership. I don't trust that the company that built it will even be here next year.

You know, I even like the fact that I am *different* in my car, because people treat me differently when they see me in it. That is worth something to me, it may be intangible for some people, but not to me.

Not everyone makes decisions on price alone.

Tue Mar 31 22:55:33 2009: 5938   TonyLawrence

Yes. I'm not arguing that you can find something that compares on a hardware level for less money.

The Mac is worth the extra money. Period. You can't understand that, fine. But I *do* understand it.

Tue Mar 31 23:37:32 2009: 5939   anonymous

Well, I've had this sort of discussion with Mac users before and it usually ends up snagged like this.

I find the Dell attractive, and with Windows 7 or my favorite tweaked Ubuntu distro, it's a stylish, high-performance machine with excellent usability. I find the Macbook Pro to be the same, just not nearly $1000 dollars so.

However you may see it differently, so at this point, let's agree to disagree. Good day, gents (and possibly ladies)! :)

Wed Apr 1 07:55:20 2009: 5941   jtimberman

I'm going to chime in without reading the comments. That's how I roll.

I'll give the short story: I couldn't justify the expense of Apple hardware, since I could *always* build similar speced systems for much less. Same or more RAM, same or higher capacity hard drives (and always faster RPM), larger screen resolution, similar or faster CPU, plus PC's play games. Of course, I'm also a Linux user, and have been for 15 years, so I'm hip to all the open source software and Unix-like jive.

Then my new employer sent me a Macbook Pro last fall, and as a result I will only use Macs for workstations. I'll purchase my own for work if I have to. Even though I'm an experienced Linux administrator, it still requires dorking around with the OS to do simple things (like, say, print. Or use wifi. Or get sound to work with multiple programs). I don't have to fuss with OS X. It's nice. I can get my work done (which incidentally is fussing with LInux, but in a server capacity, not workstation).

Wed Apr 1 09:52:36 2009: 5942   TonyLawrence

Yes, I think that's a good point: a lot of people who think the "Apple tax" is unjustifiable would change their minds if they actually used one for a month or so..

But there is that "Linux guilt" - (link)


Wed Apr 1 11:37:45 2009: 5945   TonyLawrence

This is just a curiosity thing -

I was running a virus scan on my wife's XP this morning and noticed that it has a LOT of files. The scan isn't done but it's over 800,000 already.

There are less than 650,000 files on my Mac. Interestingly, I use twice the disk space she does and you'd think that I'd have a lot more files just by the nature of my work. Yet she has many more.

I don't know what that says about Windows - maybe nothing at all. As I said, it's just curiosity.. why so darn many?

I also saw this today: (link)

The comment about Boot Camp is naive, but the rest is dead on.

Wed Apr 1 12:35:23 2009: 5946   NickBarron

It is time to let go of your Linux guilt Tony...

Interesting point about the amount of files on Windows, I will have to take a look.

Wed Apr 1 16:05:50 2009: 5948   BigDumbDinosaur

I did a file count on the Win2000 box here in my office. There are 9823 files in the WINNT subdirectory and 42,944 total files on the machine. I feel cheated!

Wed Apr 1 16:08:49 2009: 5949   TonyLawrence

File count envy..

Just saw this:

You know what scared ME from using Windows? Working for Microsoft for 14 years, 4 of them in the Windows division. One of the reasons I left the company (other than the over-abundance of incompetent people) was the lack of confidence I had in Microsoft's ability to deliver a quality OS -- and they proved it with Vista.

Post by Cfurlin at (link)

Wed Apr 1 20:32:32 2009: 5952   BrettLegree

Maybe I'll try a file count on the Windows 7 Beta I have in Fusion, just to see...

And that comment from the Ubuntu forums - classic.

Wed Apr 1 20:41:58 2009: 5954   FileNumbersMeanEverythingTM

It looks like Conficker.c is affecting me. My desktop is sluggish, I am unable to play DVDs, Flash works intermittently, wireless doesn't connect half the time and my sound doesn't work properly. Oh wait, I booted into Ubuntu by mistake. My bad.

Wed Apr 1 20:46:37 2009: 5955   BrettLegree

Last time I installed Windows on a real machine (not a VM), it was XP, it didn't support DVD out of the box either, nor Flash. The wireless had trouble finding the network when resuming from sleep, and the sound controls were so basic they drove me nuts (they are better on Vista and 7, though), so I replaced it with a third party app.

That machine now runs Ubuntu, and everything works.

Gee, I guess each of us had a different experience, eh?

Sun Apr 5 12:06:19 2009: 5999   BrettLegree

The new ad with Giampaolo is almost as bad - a "technically savvy" user who claims that modern Macs don't have power.

In any case... once again the Microsoft commercial ignores the operating system. Of course, a "technically savvy" user will not use a Microsoft operating system if he or she wants to fully unlock the power of a computer!

Sun Apr 5 12:14:03 2009: 6000   TonyLawrence

I think what I object to the most is that most Microsoft zealots have really never used anything else. Oh, they may have gone to the web in a Mac or Linux browser, but they've never used any other OS regularly for real work.

I *have* used Windows, supported it, written programs in it - same for Linux, Solaris and so on. I *know* Windows is a lousy OS because I can draw real comparisons.

"Technically savvy"? Yeah, I bet.

Sun Apr 5 12:21:59 2009: 6001   BrettLegree

Exactly - use it full time for a month or even a week, and then make an informed decision! Write some documents or some code, manage some files, integrate it into a network - then get back to me.

Sun Apr 5 15:02:28 2009: 6002   TonyLawrence

Having experience in freelance support also points a dismal picture for Windows. You set up Unix/Linux machines right to start with and you make damn little money from that customer until it croaks or needs an upgrade. With Windows, your income is assured.

And of course that's another class of"Windows fan" I detest: the people who know they are pushing junk but do it because it keeps them busy with support calls.

Sun Apr 5 17:19:43 2009: 6005   BrettLegree

That's so true. I could make a lot of money (anyone could) doing Windows service calls. Spyware removal and all that. It seems a licence to print money.

When I bought my first Pentium machine, the builder asked me if I wanted Windows 95 or OS/2 Warp 4. Not knowing a lot about computers at the time, I asked her what she recommended.

She said if I went with Windows 95, I'd be able to "borrow" software from my friends, and that she'd also get more work out of me because it would need to be fixed once in a while. If I went with OS/2, I wouldn't be able to get software from my friends (most likely), but she'd never see me again either.

So she smiled and said she liked it when people bought Windows as it meant more money for her!

About 6 months later... I had to call her, as I'd hosed the machine. She said she'd fix it for me, or I could read the instructions that came with Windows and do it myself.

So began my adventures in computing!

Sun Apr 5 17:24:07 2009: 6007   TonyLawrence

Sounds like she was a lot more honest than most.

I never did any OS/2 but a lot of folks really liked it (and some still do, I guess).

Sun Apr 5 17:30:57 2009: 6008   BrettLegree

She was pretty good. Her husband was actually on Team OS/2 so they were kind of into it.

I have a copy of Warp 4 MCP2 (it has a bunch of the Fixpacks integrated and can be installed right from CD), as well as eComStation 1.2 that I received as an engineering sample.

I've installed both and tinkered around with them - there are definitely a lot of things they did well, and some that have not yet been done elsewhere, but I don't see it as viable today, really. Linux is just so much further ahead (BSD the same) if you don't want Mac or Windows. OS/2 is cool, but really a niche thing I think.

Sat Apr 11 16:14:23 2009: 6101   TonyLawrence

I just saw another one of these..

You know, if I knew nothing about Macs, I think those Microsoft ads would make me go look..

Ooops :-)

Sat Apr 11 17:22:47 2009: 6102   BrettLegree

I know what you mean - the ads are pretty slick and clever.

I do not believe they would make any Mac users switch back, but they'll probably keep potential switchers on PC's and as usual they will make some PC users smug.

I already see a lot of comments on other sites harping on the fact that Macs don't have Blu-ray drives. And personally I say, "who cares?"

I refuse to buy into a "new" standard just to keep Hollywood rich. I already have enough junk...

Sat Apr 11 17:51:48 2009: 6103   jtimberman

People who criticize Macs because they don't have Blu-Ray drives seem to forget that Apple wants people to buy HD movies from the iTunes store. Especially with the iTV.

And these people seem to forget the $200 worth of software you need to properly play Blu-Ray movies on a PC (and the $100 drive). So for that, I'd rather buy a dedicated Blu-Ray player ( (link) even though I have an HTPC.

Sat Apr 11 18:00:15 2009: 6104   BrettLegree

Excellent point about Apple and online purchases. That's the way I would prefer it anyway - no additional waste material for the landfills etc.

I've been happy to purchase software online for years (as many folks are), and why should media be any different?

Another great point about a standalone player vs. a drive & software for a PC. My DVD player has never crashed either, but computers crash...

Sat Apr 11 19:16:05 2009: 6105   TonyLawrence

I meant that I'd want to go look at the Macs.

Basically Microsoft is telling me that I can't afford something that's much cooler than what they sell. That would make me curious as to why they need to stress price so much.. I'd head to Apple to look around.

Sat Apr 11 20:07:09 2009: 6107   BrettLegree

Oops! I misread you I guess :)

Putting it that way, I agree with you too - if a company tries to tell me someone else's products are too good for me, I want to know why!

Sat Apr 11 20:17:07 2009: 6109   TonyLawrence

Some people are looking for the cheapest thing they can find, but most of us are looking for the best quality we can afford, and Apple certainly does the job there.

I think those ads also will make people wonder why Microsoft is working so hard at this - gosh, are other people buying Macs? Maybe I should too.. and then they tell me it's too expensive? Pardon me, but *I'll* decide what's too expensive for me,

Might be a bad campaign.. if Apple's numbers jump next quarter, these ads might be why.

Sun Apr 12 17:26:30 2009: 6139   BrettLegree

Well, I know that anyone who asks me about these commercials will get "the true story" as I see it. Even if a person cannot afford a brand new Mac, there's nothing wrong with a pre-owned one.

Kind of like cars... you can get a brand new whatever econobox, or you can get a much nicer pre-owned vehicle.

Mon Apr 13 01:29:12 2009: 6147   anonymous

You computer geeks are missing the point here. Lauren is "hot".

Mon Apr 13 02:49:16 2009: 6148   NickBarron

I doubt it. I am sure that a few 'geeks' looked at Lauren and thought she was very attractive, even that they may consider bringing her home to meet Mom...

However as deluded as Microsoft are... They did not employ an advertising agency and say 'make us think this girl is hot!'

Thank you though for adding to the intellectual debate ongoing in this articles comments.

Mon Apr 13 14:27:26 2009: 6154   BigDumbDinosaur

You computer geeks are missing the point here. Lauren is "hot".

No, you're missing the point. The commercial is about buying a laptop, not about hooking up. And, no, she isn't "hot." She looks like an MTV skank who probably needs a bath.

What I see is a bimbo who wouldn't know a good computer if it bounced off her forehead. She's far more concerned with the price than the quality, and thus takes the cheap way out. Instead of getting a Mac and thus acquiring a quality piece of hardware powered by a trustworthy operating system, she ends up with a battery-powered doorstop (HP Pavilion laptops are low-end trash, in my professional opinion) running a virus-prone operating system that has been dumbed down to the intellectual level of a monkey -- which in this chick's case, seems appropriate.

Mon Apr 13 14:34:45 2009: 6156   TonyLawrence

Well, yeah.. but she is hot.. :-)

Tue Apr 14 13:53:13 2009: 6170   BigDumbDinosaur

Well, yeah.. but she is hot.. :-)

Better not let Linda hear you say that or you will be permanently ensconced in the spare bedroom, sleeping on nails. <Grin>

Wed Aug 19 23:52:47 2009: 6774   anonymous

While you dorks are getting all hot and bothered about her choice of computer, I'm getting hot and bottered over her. She's adorable!! I'd buy her a MAC or PC as part of a barter....yummy!

Fri Aug 21 13:45:03 2009: 6775   BigDumbDInosaur

While you dorks are getting all hot and bothered about her choice of computer, I'm getting hot and bottered over her. She's adorable!! I'd buy her a MAC or PC as part of a barter....yummy!

The above commentator must be really sex-starved if he thinks some red-headed half-wit who's been bamboozled into buying a junky laptop powered by an equally junky operating system is "adorable." Geesh!

BTW, this is a site about computing, in case you didn't notice (try doing a search on the word "kernel" and see what happens). You need to go to www.meet-a-skank.com where the "adorable" chicks hang out. Over here, we're more geared toward intellectual chicks.

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