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iPad Keynote with VGA projector or display

I am going to be doing a talk for new computer users next month. When I first saw Steve Jobs demonstrating Keynote on iPad, I knew that's what I wanted to use for this presentation.

It's not that I couldn't take my Mac. That's what I've done up to now, right? It's just that I have to unhook everything, and hook everything back up when I get home - if I don't need the Mac for anything else, I'd rather take the iPad. It's the same reason I seldom brought the Mac into the living room or out to the back porch in summer; it's a minor annoyance to disconnect it from its external drives and keyboard.

I think iPads are going to be very popular for this use. Lightweight, no need to cart along a power supply, takes up very little space - for a lot of situations, you just don't need a laptop.

So, I started working on my Keynote presentation. Keynote itself was a little confusing at first, and I am still far from mastering it, but I soon had half a dozen slides done and I wanted to see what it looked like with an external monitor. I had seen this post which shows what it looks like, but of course I wanted to see for myself. So I hooked up a VGA monitor and..

Nothing. It didn't recognize the external display. I looked in Settings to see if there was something I had missed, but could not figure it out. Looking around, I found an iPad forum and posted my question there.

Yes, I had missed something. You need to fully power off your iPad before you hook up the VGA monitor. That is, press and HOLD the Sleep/Wake button until you get the "Slide to Power Off" screen. I had never used that since first unpacking my iPad - why would you? I bet many an iPad user doesn't even realize that you CAN power it off!

That let Keynote see the external display. My slides appeared exactly as they should and I will be able to use the iPad to present with Keynote. I only have to remember to turn it off before I hook up that VGA adaptor!

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Tue Jul 27 02:22:17 2010: 8861   anonymous


Thanks a lot, I could not for the life of me get my iPad to project on the screen. Now I know!

Tue Jul 27 11:22:35 2010: 8862   TonyLawrence


I have had problems with some screens, though. Couldn't get one to work although it does work with my MacBook.

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