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I have needed this little cut and paste helper for years.. I often thought about writing it myself but never got around to it.. that would have been more than a little work.. but here it is!

I cut and paste all day long.. the Apple, "c" and "v" keys on my keyboard are extra worn from the use I give them. Trouble is, often I need to paste something again a few minutes after I've already cut something new.. so I have to go copy it again..

Well, there is a way around that with OS X: you can drag a text selection to your desktop and it becomes a special kind of file called a.. called a what? hold on while I go look that up.. oh, yeah, text clippings.. that's cool, but it's an extra step and it's also a little clumsy if your Desktop isn't visible..and I don't always realize I'm going to need that clip again.. and besides all that, I don't want to have to go clean up my Desktop later.

So Jumpcut is my bestest pal. Whenever you Apple-C anything, Jumpcut copies it. If you need it again, just call up Jumpcut (Cntrl-Option-V by default), keep Cntrl-Option held down, and arrow to the clipping you want now. That's it: your next paste now has that clip.

I love it. This will save me a LOT of time and annoyance. It ought to be standard in OS X!


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