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Another couple in my neighborhood ran into one of those Javascript browser hijacks that say your computer is infected and that you should call them for help. What saved them is that they were using a Mac.

What? Macs aren't immune to this. What am I talking about?

Well, this hijack told them that Microsoft had detected a virus. They thought that was a bit odd, but they did go as far as calling the number. Their suspicion was too high for them to give a credit card, though, so they called me.

These things are usually easy to fix. You might even be able to Command-W to a new window. If not, you can Force-Quit. Start Safari again with the Shift key held down and then fix the Home Page. If necessary, throw away Preferences or revert to a Time Machine backup of your ~/Library.

There have also been numerous instances of telephone calls from people who have "detected a virus on your Windows server". If I have the time, I like to string those people along for as long as I can. It wastes their time; time that might otherwise be spent stealing people's money.

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