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How about that iPhone?


I don't want an iPhone.

Oh, it looks great, but I'm waiting for the next generation. That will be the true convergence of everything. It's not far away: almost everything I'd want is either possible right now or tantalizingly close.

What do I want added to that iPhone? Well, more ram and disk space of course, but that's no great obstacle. The ability to use alternate output? Obviously easy enough, as is alternate input. With those two I can carry my computer with me all day and use a real screen and keyboard when they are available.

Of course it should be able to send output to my TV, and that should be "picture in picture" if I want it to be. Output to stereo, access to satellite radio, TV.. all that. And when I go shopping, it should read bar codes and do Internet price comparisons for me.. as well as keep track of what I've bought.

I'm really not asking a lot. None of this is outrageous or beyond realistic expectations. It's all reasonable and I don't think it's too many years away.

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Tue Jan 16 21:47:51 2007: 2815   drag

Bah on Iphone. It's all restrictive and such. :-)

You want the Neo1973, which is associated with the OpenMoko project. It's the world's first completely open cell phone. Source code is aviable for most everything.. you talk to the FCC-restricted bits via hardware abstraction that ends up acting like a serial port with AT commands and such.

The OS is Linux 2.6.18, with GTK+ 2.x and X windows GUI.

It has 128 megs of RAM, 64megs of Flash with Micro-SD slot (which I think they have 256/512meg cards for). I don't know if it will support bluetooth (which would be nice). Essentially it will be a little Linux computer in the shape of a cell phone with GSM capabilities.

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