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Mystery Space Reclaimed


I had helped a friend buy an iPad two years ago. A few months back, just after the first IOS8 update, she cornered me and told me I had given her bad advice because I had told her to buy the 16GB model and she was now out of space.

I was astonished. Almost nobody needs more than a 16GB iPad - you'd need to be storing a lot of pictures or songs or have a truly incredible number of apps. I sat down with her and checked her usage and it did not add up: she was only using about 6GB, which should have left her approximately 6GB free (the OS takes up 3GB or so).

I told her to take it to Apple, but before she got around to doing that, the 8.1.1 update came out. She had to delete a few apps to install it, but after doing so, all of that missing space was returned to her. I saw her last night and she was happy again.

That reminds me: I'd like to upgrade my iPhone 4S but am lacking space. I know I can do it with iTunes, but am not sure that I should. According to Macworld, I might regret it.

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Thu Dec 11 13:19:59 2014: 12583   TonyLawrence


I threw caution to the winds and did the 4S update. No problems and it is not slow.

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