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iPad passwords

Another long day. This time I managed to hit 29% - this still amazes me. I am not used to not thinking about recharging.

Is Kleenex the best way to wipe off fingerprints? It seems to be. On the other hand, I don't really notice them during the day; I just feel like I should wipe them off now and then.

I have changed some of my more commonly used passwords because of the iPad - well, rearranged them. The on-screen keyboard first shows only letters and ",.!?". There is a key to switch to the numeric/special character keyboard; if your password cycles between letters, numbers and punctuation (as it should), it can be annoying to be constantly switching back and forth. To make it easier, I might change "M2d?cv45" to "Md2?45cv". That arrangement just fits the iPad better.

On IOS 8, you can hold the "123" key and slide to the number or punctuation you want. When you release, it pops back to ABC.

No, that isn't a password I use -:)

I don't like that most iPad apps store login/password info. I suppose most users would be annoyed if they did not, but I prefer to memorize them. I use a simple method: I have three base passwords that I have memorized. I use those along with certain letters from the site or service. For example, for foobarsite.com, I might use fba (first, fourth and fifth letter), followed by one of my memorized bases and then eti (simple reversale of the last three). If I use the same algorithm for all sites, I have unique and yet easily remembered passwords everywhere and don't have to store them anywhere.

But the iPad apps want to "help" me much more often than their traditional computer equivalents. Of course, that's driven by the additional clumsiness of the iPad keyboard - I get it, I just don't like it for myself.

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Wed May 5 17:13:56 2010: 8521   MarcFarnumRendino


in general, avoid paper products to clean surfaces that might scratch; believe it or not, tissues can indeed scratch.

if you've got one of the microfiber cloths that used to come with lots of apple products, that's great - or use a clean cloth of some kind; i believe cotton is better that synthetic.

Wed May 5 17:52:29 2010: 8523   TonyLawrence


We have piles of microfiber cloths (I use them for all kinds of cleaning) but they feel more scratchy to me than Kleenex. Maybe it just seems that way?

Wed May 5 18:14:19 2010: 8524   MarcFarnumRendino


maybe you use the tissues with aloe/lotion. :)

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