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Frustrations with iPad development

I recieved a review copy of iPad Programming by Daniel H. Steinberg and realized almost instantly that this was way over my head.

Sigh... I'm becoming a little frustrated with iPad development.

I understand that part of my frustration comes from object oriented programming. I understand OOP, I get why it makes sense here, but it's just not something I have ever done much with so I'm not familiar with it, not comfortable with it. I constantly have to think about what things mean rather than just flowing with the examples.

Part of it is just general graphical programming. I'm not a GUI person. I don't do design well, I am simply not appreciative of it. However, thinking about the GUI design and how it all works is an unavoidable part of this kind of development. Yes, that's true to some extent in any app or utility, but the necessity of graphics and the touch interface make it all so much more complicated here. You have to think about things like rotation, for example, and that affects everything!

Most of it is just the bewildering array of choice. There are many ways to approach any given task in IOS programming - I simply lack enough experience to choose my path for any given goal.

A great deal of new frustration has come with the IOS 4.2 release. When I go searching for examples of how to do things, I'm mostly finding older code. Sometimes that's fine, but sometimes it isn't and when things break and the IDE throws mysterious errors at me, I'm distracted by trying to figure out what went wrong there and I lose track of the original concept I was trying to understand.

Finally - and I really hate saying this - I am beginning to feel that I might just be too old, too tired, too brain impaired to learn all this. That's on my worst days, of course. My more usual feeling is that I just need to buckle down, take it slowly, step by step. Inches add up to feet, feet add up to miles. Just keep moving forward and we'll get there..

Well, except for the reality that I suffer from "shiny object syndrome". I am easily distracted and have so many interests, so many goals, so many things I want to learn. I've always been this way, but when my brain was younger and more fluid, I could learn complicated things more quickly. Now it is not so easy, but I am just as easily distracted as ever.

I do not like where I am right now. It might be smart to just let this all drop for a little bit and concentrate on slightly less confusing ordinary Mac application programming. Or, I could dive more into Javascript, which would also be a bit easier for me and is another way to develop iPad/iPhone apps. But that brings me back to choices again and I feel tugged at from multiple directions.

Arrgh. I need to think about this.

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Fri Jan 7 15:28:31 2011: 9216   Jeff


Wow! After being in the C/Unix arena since HPUX 5 ~1984, I felt like I was reading a letter to myself... Thanks for putting words to my feelings...

Fri Jan 7 21:58:48 2011: 9217   TonyLawrence


Specifically as to iPad also or just in general?

Thu Feb 10 19:55:50 2011: 9292   anonymous



I want to say thanks - you kept me going with SCO long after I should have given up, and long before I really knew unix. I'm fairly proficient with linux, but am now spoiled by debian and instant driver installs, and still manage to run into brick walls regularly. Your site helped me a lot over the years with enough basic info to make stuff work. I killed my last sco box 7 years ago, but still have the dealer cert hanging on the wall, along with one for Novell. Change is inevitable, but we can pull up our oars to rest if needed.

We did Novell as well, unofficially, until Novell Sales did everything it could to pry customers away from the little guys, actually handing my pricing and quotes over to my competitors. MS is pretty much the same thing these days, you can't OEM a system without drinking the koolaid. Makes it hard for independent agnostics.

I don't want to do large businesses anymore, and am shedding my 100+ desktop clients one by one. It was swell, but now that the swelling's gone down, I need time to recover my love for the career.

Don't give up on yourself - you can master new tools. There are some cross-platform converter tools that let you build apps in flash, then cross-compile to apple ipad platforms. Sooner or later other opportunities will arise, and the tool chains will become easier. I'm with you on the redundancy of OOP and functional programming.

As my childhood french girlfriend once said "Sometimes the only way in is to take the exit."

I'm also old, and tired of the quicksand that is the windows OS, never mind apple or android.

Thu Feb 10 20:03:12 2011: 9293   TonyLawrence


Flash? I know nothing about Flash :)

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