IOS 9 on my aging iPad 2

I don't usually install beta versions of operating systems on hardware I actually use on a daily basis, but I did take the plunge and put the IOS 9 public beta on my aging iPad 2. Of course that was a risk as beta software can be buggy and crash prone. Public betas are seldom bad enough as to be completely unusable, but broken apps are not uncommon and annoying behavior id expected.

So why did I take that risk? It was simply that I really wanted to see Apple News. I have submitted this site to Apple News Publisher and it has been accepted, but without IOS 9, I could not see what it looked like there. So, I installed the beta.

I'm happy to report that although Beta 1 was buggy and annoying, Beta 2 is not. I'm not having any trouble with any of my apps and often forget that I am running a beta OS. In fact, I'm tempted to jump the gun and upgrade my iPhone also.


Why? Well, News is the primary reason, I really like it. It has some warts I have covered in another post, but it has become part of my daily life, which is a feat that Flipboard and similar apps never managed. I think News will be a major reason to upgrade when IOS 9 debuts.

I also like the small keyboard tweaks. Putting two fingers on the screen during text editing gives you trackpad-like control of cursor movement. As I have often struggled to get the cursor where I wanted it, I really appreciate that. They've also added context sensitive cut and paste keys as well as undo and redo. Pasting has always been a bit difficult in previous IOS versions, so that feature also gets applause from me.

Supposedly the keyboard offers "predictive intelligence", but I haven't noticed that yet. I usually know what I want to say, so that's probably not a big selling point for me but who knows - it might surprise me yet.

The other important features are Slide Over, Split View and Picure in Picture, none of which work on my old hardware. Supposedly IOS 9 offers longer battery life, though I haven't noticed that either.

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