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Google-plus false iPad app disappoints greatly

The Google-Plus iPad app arrived today.

Well, except that it didn't. What we got was what we could have had weeks ago - an iPhone app that is allowed to run on the iPad.

Really, Google? That's the best that the folks who taught the world how to really use Ajax could do? This is what I've been patiently waiting for?

Huge disappointment

Here are the screenshots. You can see them in their full lack of glory by clicking on them.

ipad app 2x

ipad app ix

I usually take a pass on apps like this. In the 1x mode, they are too small, and at 2x, they are grainy and ugly. As bad as the html version is, I think I'd prefer that.

The mobile alternative

For those who haven't had the experience - by default, Google switches to a dumbed down "mobile" version when you access this through Safari on an iPad. On SOME pages, you can tell it to use the normal "Desktop" view, but it switches back to "mobile" all by itself erratically. It makes you really wonder about Google's claim of hiring the "brightest people of the world".

mobile version

There are times when a mobile version improves things. This wasn't one of those times. If it were not for Google's obvious coding skills in Gmail, I might be a tad less bitter about this. Knowing that it could be much better is what puts sand in my shorts.

Why so weak?

So what's the story? Was this Google's intent all along or did they actually have an iPad app that Apple didn't like? If it's the latter, I'm doubly disappointed because this would likely mean that they have given up getting it approved and we'll be stuck with this junk forever.

Though that's probably what we'll get in either case. I can't imagine why they initially prevented that app from working anywhere but the iPhone - given the engineering talent Google has to draw from, it's very hard for me to believe that there was any technical difficulty behind it.

So, here we are. I feel terribly let down and have no interest in using G+ on my iPad unless I absolutely have to. I guess this old MacBook will be my G+ platform for now and for the future.

Here is the iTunes link if you want it. I do not..

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Sun Dec 11 03:37:34 2011: 10333   anonymous


No improvement to the google+ app for ipad, it's sad because facebook really s***ks in terms of usability, a mess...good synthesis...!!!

Sun Jun 23 12:42:54 2013: 12144   TonyLawrence


It is much improved now.. finally!

Tue Jun 25 15:48:17 2013: 12157   anonymous


well....they've done a lot of trials and errors and while they were brainstorming....facebook....was working.....
Facebook is still a piece of c**ra***p, but yet the "best" in the sense of "working"
Very sad because as lot of people i wanted more from google plus on ipad....
Actually they didn't do better on android neither

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