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Free iPad book

My last post mentioned a series of new books from Take Control. These are all about getting the most from your iPad, and as I noted yesterday, the first one is free.

Free e-books are often barely worth the time and trouble it takes to download them. They are often just thinly veiled advertising vehicles promoting some other product.

Certainly there is some if that here. The introductory book makes references to the other iPad books and is especially sure to point out the bundle price for buying all of them together.

However, this is still a valuable book in spite of being free. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about purchasing an iPad and to new owners. I have been using my iPad night and day for a month now and I still picked up good tips.

A little over 100 pages, well written, full of useful tips and advice, and completely free. How can you go wrong?

Oh, I almost forgot: yes, of course you can read it on your iPad.

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