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The Complete IOS 8 Course with Swift

I pretty much gave up on IOS development. I had bought stacks of books and found plenty of on-line resources, but I ended up frustrated and confused. Even though I have some definite things I'd like to do, it was all too much and I quit.

Recently I took a chance on The Complete IOS 8 Course with Swift. Pay no attention to the $499 price on that page; Google for it and you'll find it as inexpensively as $50. I paid $75 for it and the IOS 7 course together.

At $50 or so, I'd definitely recommend it. The course itself is well done, they do correct errors and there is also an active discussion community where you can find help from other users and the course developers. I do find that some questions get lost and ignored, but most of mine have been quickly answered.

Is it enough to make me comfortable with IOS programming? I really don't know yet. I'm not done with the course yet, and although there have been some development exercises that I was able to do, the real test will be when I dive into something new entirely by myself. A bit gun shy from my previous muddled confusion, I don't feel like getting back up on that horse quite yet, but hope to soon and of course will report my struggles here.

One thing to be very aware of is that Xcode 6 has its own peccadilloes. I'll talk about that some more tomorrow.

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