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Cheap laptop, Netbook or .. iPad?

Best Buy will be selling iPads. That's a smart move for Apple (though how often does Apple make a dumb move?)

I've been suggesting iPad as an alternative to potential netbook or cheap laptop buyers. If they say "I only need it for email and the web", I tell them to look at iPad - I think that for many this could be a better choice - higher quality, easier to use and more functionality (more functionality for a naive user, that is).

Selling these at Best Buy just makes that easy and for some, perhaps less threatening. There is sometimes reluctance to go to an Apple Store - it's not just that there may not be one nearby; there's an element of discomfort in wandering into unfamiliar territory. At Best Buy the hesitant purchaser can safely browse familiar brands and inquire about the iPad casually, almost as an afterthought - I didn't really come here to look at that; it's just idle curiosity.

I'm still trying to find a way to justify an iPad for myself. On the other hand, iPad 2.0 will almost certainly be something that makes earlier buyers wail and tear their clothes, so maybe it's good that I can't find a place for it in the budget just now.

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Tue Mar 30 15:40:48 2010: 8303   TonyLawrence


April 5th Newsweek just came. The cover asks "What's so great about the iPad?" in big type and then answers it in the middle: "Everything."

Tue Mar 30 16:01:47 2010: 8304   TonyLawrence


Here's the on-line link: (link)

Tue Mar 30 22:49:18 2010: 8308   BrettLegree


I still maintain that it is an awesome device, and I want one. I may wait for v 2.0 with a camera and so forth - but I will own an iPad, I know it.

Every time I saw (insert name of social media blogging guru) saying "I don't see the use for the iPad", I would leave a comment saying "that's because *you're not the target market* and you don't get it".

You know the kind of people I am talking about, they think the tech world revolves around them, and if they can't see a use for some product, then it obviously sucks.

Meanwhile... Apple cares not for these weenies. My parents would absolutely LOVE an iPad.

Hmm... my mom's birthday is coming up.

Wed Mar 31 00:06:16 2010: 8311   TonyLawrence


I certainly agree. I also think that the iPad is more likely to kill Flash than the other way around.

Wed Mar 31 00:12:44 2010: 8312   BrettLegree


I also believe that the iPad will kill Flash.

I will rejoice on that day... :)

Wed Mar 31 00:25:28 2010: 8313   TonyLawrence


they think the tech world revolves around them, and if they can't see a use for some product, then it obviously sucks.

Disruptive technologies are often not recognized by the "experts".

They probably don't understand that what people use computers for and how they use them has changed radically in the past few years. The iPad has hit at exactly the right time.

Sure, there will be competition, but unless someone builds the hardware AND the OS as Apple has done, that stuff will always be inferior knockoffs - never matching the tightly integrated experience that controlling everything can provide.

Of course Google just might do that. But Apple is there first.

Wed Mar 31 00:43:22 2010: 8314   TonyLawrence


I was just thinking that it's quite amusing that the iPads biggest market will be people who have no idea what it is right now.

These are the folks who either don't have a computer at all or hate what they have. They don't understand it, they get confused and intimidated, they hate the A/V software, the patch Tuesdays. They hate that they have to call someone to fix things or even to understand how to use some dumb program.

They are going to love it :-)

Wed Mar 31 01:32:53 2010: 8315   BrettLegree


"Disruptive technologies are often not recognized by the 'experts'." - yes!

This has played out time and again, in many industries.

"These are the folks who either don't have a computer at all or hate what they have." - yes yes yes!

I realize both of these things every time I am helping someone with a computer issue.

People who enjoy working with, fixing, building computers (you and I, for instance) see the tech differently from (I assume) the majority of people.

Most people just want it to work, so they can get on with what they are doing.

The iPad is the sort of thing that these people need.

Wed Mar 31 02:02:15 2010: 8317   TonyLawrence


Most people just want it to work, so they can get on with what they are doing

Quite often, that's just what I want myself. Yeah, sometimes I like to get all techy and deep, but most days... nope. Just want to read my mail and use the browser.

Wed Mar 31 02:06:20 2010: 8318   BrettLegree


I hear you... that's why I went to a Mac ;)

Thu Apr 1 13:46:39 2010: 8340   TonyLawrence


"Apple iPad Review: Laptop Killer? Pretty Close" (link)

My verdict is that, while it has compromises and drawbacks, the iPad can indeed replace a laptop for most data communication, content consumption and even limited content creation, a lot of the time. But it all depends on how you use your computer.

Thu Apr 1 14:29:56 2010: 8343   TonyLawrence


David Pogue's review:

And the techies are right about another thing: the iPad is not a laptop. Itís not nearly as good for creating stuff. On the other hand, itís infinitely more convenient for consuming it ó books, music, video, photos, Web, e-mail and so on. For most people, manipulating these digital materials directly by touching them is a completely new experience ó and a deeply satisfying one.

Thu Apr 1 18:20:08 2010: 8347   TonyLawrence


Ayup, those folks were right, iPad is gong to flop: (link)

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