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Apple Training Series 10.4 server

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There are a number of books in the Apple Training Series; I recently looked at three of them.

These are all for OS X 10.4, which is probably my only complaint: the cost of these certainly adds up, and the latest of these was just published in June of 2006 - just two months away from the expected first look at the next OS X version.

However, a lot of this will stay the same, and it is all introductory material. That isn't meant to be a belittling statement at all: you can't expect to cover as much territory as these books do without hurrying by a few points of interest.

As these books are those used in certification training, they are said to be useful toward specific Apple certification exams :

  • Mac OS X Deployment v10.4 Exam (9L0-609)
  • Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.4 Exam (9L0-507)
  • Directory Services Integration and Administration Exam (9L0-611)
  • Security Best Practices v10.4 Exam (9L0-612)

For an administrator with a Windows background who has found themselves with an Apple server in their rack, these will be excellent and likely indispensable. For a desktop user, there are other books in the series that are more suitable, but you still may find this interesting as useful as some of it of course is not server specific.

Nicely done, attractive and well prresented (Apple almost always produces excellent documentation, of course).

  • Apple
  • Peachpit Press
  • 0321357582
  • 032136984X
  • 0321423151

graphic of book cover Order (or just read more about)
Mac OS X Server Essentials
Mac OS X System Administration Reference Volume 1
Mac OS X v10.4 System Administration Reference Volume 2  from Amazon.com

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