Adding an older iPad to AT&T's Mobile Share plan

I recently switched to AT&T's 15GB Mobile Share plan. It's a decent price (relatively speaking) and has roll-over. I'm happy with it.

I've been running my older iPad by hotspotting through my phone. That works well, but it drains the iPhone battery quickly. I checked AT&T's site to see if I could add the iPad to the plan and found that I could.

The iPad itself slready had an AT&T SIM and the Cellular Data section of Settings implies that you can add it to an existing plan right from the iPad, but it did not work, so I called AT&T and they confirmed that I couldn't do it that way but said that they could take care of it. They asked for the IMEI and the ICCID, both of which come from General->About and that was it.

They then said I was all set and that it would be activated in a few days. I thought that was odd and asked if that was because they were sending me a new SIM? They said no, I wouldn't need one.

Two days went by with no results, so I called again. "We're sending you a SIM", they explained.

Oh, great. I'm on vacation. I could have and would have driven to the local AT&T store had I known that! So I asked if I could go to a store now. Oh, sure, they said, but it must be a corporate store, not an authorized retail outlet.

The nearest corporate store was forty minutes away. Not trusting them, I decided to try my luck at a nearby authorized shop. I explained to them what had happened and asked if they could help. They said that they slmost certainly could activate my existing SIM or replace it at no charge.

And they did. All that was needed was for me to accept some well hidden Terms and Conditions that they knew how to get to. After that, my old iPad immediately had 3G access using its original SIM.

My advice: go to a store if you can. They don't screw up as often. The first AT&T person was right, but she didn't send me to the page that would let me accept the conditions. The second person was wrong. The store knew what to do.

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