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Xcode 6 code completion


Xcode has some great features. Honestly, it's been so long since I've done anything with Xcode that I don't know which were added with 6 and which were already there, so New Features in Xcode 6 is the place for those who have been playing along up to now.

Whenever it was added, the thing I love is code completion. That's probably turned on by default, but if it isn't, look in Preferences->Text Editing. With that on, as you start to type, possible completions are offered. What particularly impressed me is that it's not just IOS library functions that will pop up, but also functions and variables that you have added yourself. That makes keeping track of your code so much easier, especially if you use expressive names.

Of course it's also more than useful with IOS functions. Do you really want to type out "UIViewControllerInteractiveTransitioning"? That was one of the things that drove me a bit batty when I first delved into IOS programming. Those long function and class names are such a pain if you don't have code completion.

Unfortunately, code completion breaks sometimes. It doesn't break outright; some of it keeps working, but when you are new to this as I am, the partial breakdown is actually worse because you may not be sure if it's not completing because it is broken or because you are asking for something that doesn't exist. The fix, however, is easy. Quit Xcode, and

rm -rf ~/Library->Developer->Xcode->DeriveData

Then restart Xcode and code completion should start working again.

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