Using the free Kerio Workspace Starter Edition at Home


Kerio® Workspace is no longer sold or available as a free edition. However, everything mentioned here can be done with Kerio Samepage, which is available through me at a reduced price..

I immediately saw the value of Kerio Workspace for my business. I jumped right in and added customer information, support renewal dates and used File Library components for scripts I have written for specific customers.

My business use of Workspace

More recently, I realized that I should be using this for more personal needs also. I had noticed some mold building up on the edges of the blinds in our bathroom and wanted to take them down for a thorough cleaning (by the way, white vinegar works quite well on most mold and is much more pleasant to work with than bleach). Unfortunately, I momentarily couldn't remember how to take them down!

I figured it out quickly enough by looking at them, but I realized that if I were not there, my wife would have had a much harder time. She likely is capable of cleaning the blinds, but she might not figure out the secret to getting them down. I decided to document that and then had my epiphany: Workspace is the perfect place to put something like that.

Reminding myself or my wife how to take down the blinds

That lead to more documents. I added something that shows how to change the batteries in our smoke detectors, which way to set ceiling fans in the summer vs. the winter and more:

 How to change smoke detector batteries

None of this is hard to do. You just use your browser and add things. No programming needed!

This one is just a text component and three images. You can resize images to whatever you want as long as you at least have Contributor rights, so my wife can zoom those up larger if she needs to.

She can also add comments or a whole new component. Of course it's easy for me to come back and add another larger image to show the battery orientation:

 Battery orientation

This one is for our furnace. Have you ever had a power failure and had it come back on only to fail again seconds later? When that happens, our furnace can get confused and will need resetting. It happens so infrequently that I probably wouldn't even remember and my wife definitely would not.

 Resetting the furnace limit switch

This is a "mashup" component, which is what Kerio calls a place to put HTML code. I used an iframe to load a web page I wrote about this exact problem. The mashup code looks like this:

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="400"
  Sorry! Your browser does not support iframes.

We've done the same thing with recipes taken from the web. The comment capability lets us add changes and substitutions we have made.

Here's one for taking care of our golf cart. It's a mixture of text, mashups and images. I'll probably add a video of how to replace a battery too, but that's not there now.

 Golf cart maintenance

In addition to videos, you can add Task Lists, Event Lists, File Libraries and lists of links you don't want to forget. Here's a "Honey-Do" list:

Honey-do list

Kerio has a Users Guide and you'll find an on-line tutorial after you install the Kerio Workspace Starter Edition. Remember, this edition is free and is multiuser - it is only limited as to storage. You don't need a server; you can install this on your own Windows or Mac computer (and Linux too, if you prefer). If you should exceed the 10GB limits (unlikely with personal files), I can sell you an inexpensive license that removes that restriction.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Do you have something that came with directions or a warranty you don't want to forget about?

Scan it and then put it in Workspace!

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People who bought Workspace may want to know this about switching to Samepage:

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