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Most low and medium end firewalls offer very little in the way of reporting - often nothing more than raw logs (and even those may be difficult to access). If they do offer anything more, it's probably extra cost.

That's not the case with Kerio Winroute. Kerio includes what they call "StaR" (Statististics and Reporting). This isn't an extra cost add-on; you get StaR with the base package.

Kerio's low cost optional Web Filter adds additional reports to Kerio StaR.

Some example reports:

These are "drill-down" reports and fully configurable - you can only collect statistics during certain hours, exclude specific users or destinations. This cuts down on disk space needed to store statistics and also eliminates viewing information you don't care about.

Being able to drill down to individual users of course requires authentication. I've used firewalls where authentication is a major annoyance both for the administrator and the users, but Kerio allows you to make this much easier. Of course you CAN require that users specifically login, but you can also pass through authentication from Active Directory (requires IE or Firefox, see Automatic user authentication using NTLM). You can make it even easier than that: a specific IP can be automatically associated with a user - any access from that IP will be logged as belonging to that user.

You can read all about this at Kerio StaR - statistics and reporting.

I'll be talking more about Winroute's features in other posts. If you want to jump ahead of me, you can download a fully functional demo for Windows or Linux. You can run that inside VMWare and they have it all ready for you: Kerio WinRoute Firewall VMware Virtual Appliance.

Feel free to contact me or Kerio support for questions and pricing.

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