Websockets and Kerio Control

Web-what? That was my first thought when I got an email from a customer mentioning Websockets.

Actually, no. That was my second blank stare moment. The first was when he mentioned Spotify. I had no idea what that was, either.

So here I was, looking at an email where really all that I understood was that something wasn't working through the Kerio Control firewall and it was probably because of something else, and I didn't have a clue what either of those somethings actually were.

Hey, we can't all be the cool guy who is on top of everything, can we? I googled "Spotify" and found out that's it's a music service like Pandora. Well, no wonder I knew nothing about it: I could go years without caring one way or another about music. I know, there's something wrong with me, but there it is: I care very little about music.

So what about websockets? I googled that and learned that it is something I should have known about. It's only a few years old and browser support has been spotty, but basically it's something that will allow more interactive response in your browser - think games and the like. Why Spotify needs it is a mystery to me, but apparently they do.

The customer had already talked to them, of course, and they told him to test with http://websocketstest.com/- if it failed on port 80, the problem would most likely be due to a proxy server. He tested, and indeed it failed the port 80 test.

Well, Control is a proxy server - or at least it usually is. That's how it does url filtering, for one thing. So I knew where to look and even had a way to test it myself. It turned out to be easy: I set it as shown here (enabled, allow tunneled, transparent):

Proxy tunnelling

When I did that, the websockets test came back with a green check on everything. If I unchecked "tunneled", it would fail just as the customer had described.When I did that, the websockets test came back with a green check on everything. If I unchecked "tunneled", it would fail just as the customer had described.

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