Kerio Troubleshooting January 2014


You might think that with over 100 Kerio customers I'd be fairly busy with support calls. In fact, I get so few that's it's hard to pull together a decent length article. Once in a while I'll have something that confuses everyone thoroughly, and I do like to document those, but mostly I'm not that busy with Kerio support.

I've decided to start documenting the past month's calls though because it helps me remember things myself. That's one of the problems I do have: often even simple fixes come up so rarely that I may have trouble remembering. This documentation may help me and any users who stumble across it.

Missing Kerio Connect Panel/Ribbon

Right around Xmas I had a customer who wanted to set her "on vacation" status in Outlook. "That's easy", I said, "it's in the Kerio Panel" (see How do I set out of office?). She replied that she had no Kerio Connect ribbon or tab.

Oops. I'd seen that before, but couldn't remember the cause until I dug through a bunch of old email. I sent this picture to explain what was wrong:

Manage Addins for disabled Kerio Ribbon

Something or something had disabled the Kerio Outlook Connector User Interface addin. As I have seen that twice now, and I don't think the users did that themselves, this is apparently something that can happen by itself.

Disable Webmail "Integration with Windows" prompt

A customer wanted to disable this prompt. He did not explain why other than to mention "for mobile users", so I suggested using access policies instead, but that's not what he wanted. I think he should still do that if he's trying to stop mobile users from accessing their business email, because disabling the prompt wouldn't stop the users from setting up email manually, but he insisted.

That presents a problem. First, any upgrade will wipe out any changes he might make. Second, Kerio is very uninterested in providing any assistance with modifying their code. I told him that, but said I would open a ticket in spite of my expectation that we'd get nothing useful back.

As I thought, we got a friendly response that said pretty much what I had already told him. In the meantime, the customer himself reported back that he had found the responsible file: he says it is in (kerio)/translation/webmail/en.deg at line 285 to 290. Again, I don't recommend doing this, but there it is.

Calendar permissions after domain change

This is a bit nasty. I'd call it a bug. Kerio documents it in one sentence in their instructions for Renaming domains in Kerio Connect. The relevant sentence is this:

Any calendar events created before renaming will not be available for editing
or removing after application of the new name.

That means what it says. The events will still be there to annoy you if they are repeating events, but you won't be able to edit or remove them from within Webmail or Outlook. You'd need to remove them outside at the operating system level. In an email, Kerio support added:

They should have removed those events before the rename took place, but if it's already done, they'd need to remove these manually at the filesystem level and let the indexes rebuild and probably also re-create the profiles in their clients (some clients may still have this cached).

Other than things that were outside of Kerio itself (hardware and network issues), that was pretty much it for December. I have a couple of small issues I am still working with Kerio support; we'll cover those next month.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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