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I had a small Linux server running Kerio at a local customer. The server had been put in quite a few years back; it didn't have a lot of disk space and it wasn't exactly a blazing performer in any sense.

Sitting next to it was an almost brand new Windows 2003 server with a lot more power but also getting a little short on disk space as it grew over the past few years. The decision was made to add more disk space to that server as it needed it anyway, and add a little more so we could move the Kerio to it.

A pair of 275GB drives were ordered and I came to put them in. I shut down, installed the drives, rebooted and used the Perc Raid configuration to configure a mirror set. After waiting for it to initialize, I brought the system up, initialized the new drive in Windows and created a file system on it. I was now ready to transfer Kerio.

Well, almost. First I had to adjust the Symantec A/V so that it would not attempt to scan the Kerio directory (that would destroy Kerio's built in McAfee by removing the eicar test file). I could then install Kerio on Windows, pointing it at the new drive of course. Then I stopped Kerio and added root to the Samba password file. From the Windows server, I did a Start->Run \\ip-of-linux, logged in as root, and could now copy the config files and the Kerio "store" directory. Following the directions at How do I move Kerio Connect from one machine to another (or change Operating Systems)?, I deleted the contents of the folder "/Store/SpamAssassin/Bayes", edited mailserver.cfg to point the "store" directory to the right place, and I was almost ready to start up Kerio on the new server.

I now shut down the old Linux, and configured the unused second nic on the Windows server to use what had been its IP. Doing that means no changes were necessary on the router or at any client.

I had to get a new license.key file from Kerio and install that from the Administration Console. I checked the mail logs, and mail had already started flowing again. However, it wasn't getting out..

Mail was stuck in the queue because was refusing to relay. We've been using that for years, so I was really suspicious, but it was very obvious that it really was refusing me.. so I called them and they told me to use instead. It seemed very odd to me that this would change coincidentally with me transferring to this new server, but I made the change and mail flowed again.. very strange..

But everything was now up and running with lots of space to grow, so I packed up and headed home.

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By the way, when moving to another site, be sure NOT to bring the old server back on line until the new MX has fully propagated. You risk having some mail arrive at the old server if you do. This actually happened to one of my customers!

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