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Kerio now officially offers 24 x 7 support. From their website:

Kerio Technologies provides Extended-hours telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Callers do not pay any extra international call charges as they call their local Kerio office. When calling during standard business hours for the local Kerio office, technical support will continue to be provided in respective local languages. When calling a "non-English speaking" local Kerio office outside of standard business hours, the system will offer the caller the option to be routed to an other Kerio office that is open at the time, where the call will be answered by an English speaking support representative. The caller can then choose to continue with the transfer. When calling an "English speaking" local Kerio office outside of standard business hours, the call will be transferred automatically.

The 24/7 phone technical support service is available in English only and may be subject to public holidays.

I say "officially" because this has actually been available for a few months now. I first noticed it when I got an unexpected reply from one of their engineers on a Sunday. It's not unusual for me to be working on Sunday, but I'd never had any response from Kerio outside of business hours, so of course I asked why . He told me that they were getting ready to offer 24x7 and working out scheduling kinks.

So, this does mean that if you have a weekend problem. you can reach Kerio. That doesn't mean you should, though.

If you are one of my customers, you should call or write to me instead. No, I'm not 24x7, but I'm pretty close: usually at least 16x7 and if you know ahead of time that you might need me at 3:00 AM, just let me know and I will be available.

There are at least two reasons why you should contact me rather than Kerio. One is cost: while I provide free technical support for my Kerio clients, Kerio itself only allows you two support incidents per year (not counting bug reports, of course). The other reason is that I'm often in a better position to respond quickly and I may already know details about your infrastructure that could be useful in solving a problem.

I can also do things that Kerio support may not be able to do. For example, I AM available on holidays. Another example might be that Kerio expects you to have a certain level of technical knowledge - they aren't usually difficult about that, but I have no such expectations. I may have knowledge of other hardware or software - for example a scanner having trouble connecting to the mail server. Finally, I can do things like scripts that Kerio support engineers may be reluctant to do.

In any case, if I do need to involve Kerio support, letting me open the ticket eliminates any possible charges to you. I always cc you on tickets handled by email and if we need to be on the phone, I'll make the call and bring you in when I actually have a support engineer on the line - no wasted time for you hanging in a queue.

So, 24x7 support is good, but in most cases it shouldn't change anything for you.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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