Restoring a lost public folder in Kerio Connect


Restoring ALL the public folders is easy: just follow the directions at the kmsrecover manual page. They show an example that will do exactly that.

That's not very useful if it's just one folder, though. You really don't want to bring back all the folders if there have been changes to some of them since the backup you will use for the restore.

That man page suggests using the -b option, which renames existing folders to .bak versions. That's not too horrible, but if you have a lot of folders you'll have some operating system level work to do to fix things afterward. You will also temporarily be using twice as much storage space as the public folders use now.

There is another way. I have to thank Jeff at Kerio support for suggesting this and verifying that it works. It's much easier than using -b, I think.

Your command will look something like this:

./kmsrecover -v -m public -s ~/Desktop/ /usr/local/kerio/mailserver/store/backups/

Then (at the OS level), find your folder under ~/Desktop/ and move it to where it belongs in the Kerio hierarchy. Restart the server and you are done.

Much cleaner and neater, I think!

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