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It certainly isn't difficult to set out of office reminders in Kerio Connect, but this iPhone/iPad app makes it even easier. Kinetic Technology Group's Responder let's you store and select from multiple out of office messages, set a scheduled message to be in effect for a certain time period and automatically set and clear out of office messages when location services show that you have left your base.

The interface is simple; you tap to create a reminder, swipe left for settings and swipe right to select or create out of office messages.


There are some limitations: you can only schedule one future message. I think it would be even more useful if it could schedule multiple events: I often know when I will be out well in advance and could load this up with that knowledge.Unfortunately, it won't do that - perhaps they'll add it in a later version.

Disappointing support

I was particularly interested in the location based service. This allows the app to automatically set your status when your devices sees that you have left your office or returned. I'm a forgetful sort, so that would be useful to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on my original iPad.

It may be that my old unit simply can't do that, but other location based services work, so I hope that it's just a correctable programming glitch. More unfortunate is that I have twice contacted them through their web based support twice and had no response.

That surprises me. The app is very simple and I encountered no other problems, so it is hard for me to imagine that they've had many support requests - unless there are a whole bunch of us with older devices having this same problem, in which case a FAQ entry ("We're working on it" or "Sorry, can't do this") would be in order. In general, leaving people seeking support in the dark is not a good idea: for all I know their website is broken and they never saw either of my support requests. Interfaces like that should send email acknowledging request and giving the customer some idea as to when to expect a response.

This morning I have tried contacting them through Twitter. We'll see if I get a response from that.

Today I sent email to and did get a quick reply. They said:

Unfortunately the location based features that we use aren't
supported on the first generation iPad. We use a portion of the
location services called geofencing and is only supported on iPhone
4 and iPhone 4S.

They said they never saw any of my other support requests..

Still useful

At 99 cents, I'm not griping too much. Even without the location service, this app is helpful to me. One other thing I'd suggest they add is a visible icon badge to indicate status - they do show that when you fire up the app, but a visible badge would be useful as a reminder. If I picked up my iPad and noticed that it says I am in my office when I am not, that could help me remember to set it right then and there.

Tony Lawrence 2012/09/10 Rating: 4.0

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