Resource Scheduling and Deletion Management in Kerio

Resource scheduling is new to Kerio Mailserver as of version 6.6. It is fully integrated with the Calendar system and therefore is available in Webmail as well as the Outlook Connector. The same Free/Busy scheduler is used as ordinary calendar events. In fact, the resource is simply a special type of attendee.

Resources are created within the Kerio Administration Console under Domain Settings, Resources. A Resource can be a Room or a piece of Equipment. Within those screens you can specify users who are allowed to schedule the resource and a special "Resource Manager" who can access resource calendars and change them to resolve collisions and decide on priorities.

Once the resources are created, they can be accessed when creating calendar events. Conflicts will show up as you would expect; here I am trying to schedule use of a slide projector at a time when it is already in use:

kerio resource scheduling

The invitation to "tony" also shows him as "busy". User "foo" is available, fortunately..

This is obviously very simple to use. You can read full details at the Kerio Online Manuals.

Unrelated to this, but also new in 6.6 is a feature I've wanted for some time: automatic deletion of Junk and/or Deleted Items. This can be set system wide with individual user overrides and exceptions.

kerio resource deletion

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