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Kerio Connect MailServer Pricing

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Kerio Connect Mailserver Certified Partner Kerio Connect Mailserver Preferred Partner

I am a reseller of Kerio products (mailserver and firewall). Please contact me for price quotes or assistance.

I'm not a pushy sales type. I'm a tech guy. Call or email with questions about deployment, sizing, transfer from other systems - whatever you need. Oh, and if you need pricing, sure, I can give you that too.

Need to renew your Kerio Connect Mailserver or Kerio Control Firewall subscription? I can usually handle that within hours of receiving your order.

Pricing includes installation and configuration assistance and all on-going support.

If you are a Kerio user, you can get 100% free support simply by renewing your subscription. Your renewal also entitles you to free upgrades.

If you purchase through us, you get a discount from Kerio's pricing, plus 100% free installation and on-going support from us, and are also entitled to support directly from Kerio (see their support faq for details).

Kerio Pricing: U.S. Customers only

Kerio is licensed per user, with a higher cost the first year and a lower cost for subsequent renewals. There are two versions: one with integrated Sophos Anti Virus scanning, and the other without. I recommend purchasing the Sophos versions unless you are already using Sophos on desktops. If you are using any other products, dual scanning increases your security greatly. Kerio Connect Mailserver can also add an additional scanner, so you could scan three times (twice at the mailserver, once at the desktop) with three different vendors.

Ordering is easy: simply call or email and we can often have your license or renewal within hours. Payment is easy also: we accept Paypal or your purchase order (subject to credit aproval)

You can find current list prices at Kerio's web site. Contact me for a competive quote.

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