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Adding a new mail domain with Kerio Connect


I recently had a customer who acquired another company. Let's call that "".

The new company was currently using hosted Lotus Notes, so my customer desired to switch them onto the existing Kerio Connect Mailserver. That's easy enough to do - you just "Add a domain" in the Kerio Admin browser and add users to that domain.

You could do this by putting up a whole new mail server at the new company, but you can also do it this way. All you need to have is sufficient user licenses to cover the people being added. You could also make "" be an alias of your existing mail domain and again just add the users. That's often done as a temporary measure where "newcompany" addresses will eventually disappear.

Note that Kerio also supports distributed domains, which might also be useful in this sort of merger or acquisition.

In this case, the "" adresses would remain for the foreseeable future, so adding a separate domain makes sense. Note that this is not a separate mailserver - it appears to be to the outside world, but is administered as one server locally. No additional costs are incurred other than any additional user licenses needed.

However, there is a small gotcha. The minute you add the "" domain, local Kerio users can no longer send email to people who are still using the hosted Lotus Notes server - they won't be able to do that until all the users are added and the MX record changes have been made.

Integrating a new company like this may require relocation of personnel, new group memberships and so on. The original idea was to do the setup work over the weekend and do the actual switch late Sunday afternoon, but it was still necessary to be able to communicate with "" during that work. How can that be done?

Kerio makes it easier by allowing you to easily rename a mail domain. They can create the domain with a fake name - say "". Users can be added, groups and aliases created without affecting "". When they are ready to do the switch, they will rename "" to "" and everything is ready to go.

Rename Kerio Connetc Email domain

Note that groups, aliases and even mailing lists and calendar resource schedules are renamed to "". There are a few caveats: mail filters containing "" would not be fixed up (if you needed to create them ahead of time, use "" instead) and distributed domains require special handling, but most of the work is accomplished with this simple renaming and a restart of the server.

See 7.8 Rename Domain in the Kerio Connect Administrator's Guide for more information.

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Mon Mar 19 00:04:55 2012: 10750   NickBarron


Something to note with the renaming of a domain. If you have been using the domain prior to renaming it for calendaring functions, you will run into an issue once you rename it.

Once the rename has taken place and you log into the calendars with the new domain, events entered into iCal before the rename will not be fully editable as you are not the creator (domain change!) So they will either need to be deleted, lived with or recreated. Keep in mind this is not serious, but if you are in a large organisation this could sneak up and grab you! Been there done that...

Mon Mar 19 11:05:20 2012: 10751   TonyLawrence


That must have been fun :)

Mon Mar 19 11:48:01 2012: 10752   NickBarron


Fun... In a kind of torturous manor...

Typical user response to having to recreate 3-4 recurring meetings in their calendar, that it was going to take them all day....

A sort through the calendar entries by hand on the server would allow a renaming I am sure. But in this case they just had to lump it!

Mon Mar 19 11:56:30 2012: 10753   TonyLawrence


But these are just text files, both on the server and client side. That could have been scripted.easily enough.

Mon Mar 19 11:58:09 2012: 10754   NickBarron


Yes, as long as you don't break the MIME encoding on them with line breaks it should work.

Thu Mar 22 21:10:31 2012: 10765   anonymous


Tony not to highjack or digress but have you any dealings with domain alias interms of to, spam is rampant on anyway to have aggressive filtering on the domain alias ?

Thu Mar 22 22:23:19 2012: 10766   TonyLawrence


Custom rule for To: address to increase spam score?

Fri Mar 23 22:24:34 2012: 10779   anonymous


Sorry i wasnt clear its more that the alias is just parsing all the junk wasting resources, almost all the mail is junk and is being rightly tagged as junk but not being rejected.

Sat Mar 24 11:59:21 2012: 10782   TonyLawrence


I guess there's not much you can do about that..

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