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Missing attachments with Android Active Sync


"There's something weird going on with the Kerio server", said my customer late yesterday afternoon. "I sent an attachment to my accountant and he never got it. I've been playing with it since then and I can't even send attachments to myself. But if I send them to my Gmail account, they go through fine."

My first thought was limits on the size for sending or recieving, but a quick check showed these attachments were well under such limits. I asked him to send me an attachment. He did, and I saw it without any problem. I said that to him and he agreed.

"Yes, because I sent it with Webmail from my desktop. Now I'll send you one from my Android phone". He did, and sure enough, there was no attachment. Something broken in Android, I ventured?

"No, because it will go to my Gmail account just fine."

Well, let's go to the logs, shall we? Here's the one to me with the attachment:

[10/Apr/2015 15:49:01] Recv: Queue-ID: 5528292b-00001f13, Service:
SMTP, From: <>, To: <>, Size:
1361088, Sender-Host:, Subject: Tony picture, Msg-Id:

And then the one from his Android.

[10/Apr/2015 16:06:09] Recv: Queue-ID: 55282d30-00001f18, Service: SMTP,
From: <>, To: <>, Size: 13285,
Sender-Host:, Subject: Re: Tony picture, Msg-Id:

Look at the size: 1361088 vs. 13285. That second email plainly had no attachent. The email headers agreed with the logs:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=90e6ba6141ec8476f10513645d19

That's the one that has the attachment.

Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

And that is the other one. Only plain text, no attachment. But why?

My customer said "But sometimes it does work."

Aargh! I hate that. I pressed for details. Did he mean that if he sent it multiple times it would go through? He hesitated.

"No, but wait. Maybe.. let me try to send you this."

A few seconds later a picture came through. The log showed that it came from his Android phone. So what the heck?

"I think I know what causes it", my customer said. "It's when I send a Google cloud photo that it doesn't go through. Something I actually attach from my phone will go through. Oh, wow!"

I think what is supposed to happen is that a link should be sent that lets the recipient get the attachment? I'm not sure about that as no link came through either, but I bet that is what should happen. Apparently it doesn't, at least with his particular Android email client.

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