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Using Mashups, video, html and images in Kerio Workspace


Kerio® Workspace is no longer sold or available as a free edition. However, everything mentioned here can be done with Kerio Samepage, which is available through me at a reduced price..

Learn how to use html code and content in your Kerio Workspace pages.

Kerio Workspace allows you to insert HTML content. That can be formatted text, videos, images and even complete web pages. There are several different ways to insert that content, so understanding the possibilities is important.

Text Component

Are you surprised that I began with this? It's easy to miss that this so-called "text" component in Workspace is really an HTML component. When you use the WYSIWYG editor in Workspace, you are creating HTML code. You can edit that as raw HTML and paste in HTML code directly. You can even select and drag from web pages that you have open.

Dragging images

Let's start with that first as that's often an easy way to get pictures and formatted text into Workspace.

I have created a Workspace space and started a page with a "Text" component. I'd like to insert an image of an iPad into my page. Kerio happens to have a very nice image at their http://www.kerio.com .. /workspace/mobile page and I can just drag that to my Workspace.

Note: most images are copyrighted and are not free for you to use in any context. Be sure that you have the right to use a particular image before copying.

You can do the same thing with formatted text from a web page - select it and drag it in. It's that easy.

What you are actually doing is inserting HTML. If you clicked on the "HTML" button in the editor, you'd see the actual code that drag created:

alt="Edit text with iPad" width="200" align="right" /></p>

Using an iframe tag, you could insert entire other web pages into your text. I used this iframe code in the Workspace pages I described at Using the free Kerio Workspace Starter Edition at Home.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="400"
Sorry! Your browser does not support iframes. </iframe>

You can also just type in raw HTML. Using this method gives you more complete control of how your Workspace pages will appear to users, but of course it does require HTML knowledge. That's why Kerio includes the WYSIWYG editor and the image, video and mashup components.

Image component

We can insert images into a image component.

Mashups, images and video

You can upload images from your computer or just drag them from your Desktop or your pictures directory.

While this is perhaps easier than typing in the needed HTML code or perhaps even easier than dragging an image into a text component and dealing with proper positioning, it comes with one small requirement: you have to put a name on the component. That might be unimportant and you can use just "-" as I did here, but if you wanted that image to be seamlessly inserted with your text, you wouldn't want to do it this way. The requirement for a title also affects all the other components, which is why I often prefer to work directly with HTML in a Text component.

Note that although you can drag images from your computer into a image component, you cannot drag from another website as I did with the Text component above. You'd need to save the image to your own computer and then drag or upload it to the image component.

Video Component

The video component does let you upload videos, but it only supports Flash video content. That's a limitation if the content you want is not Flash. You can use the Mashup component described next, but that may not be exactly what you want either.

I find that the easiest way to handle video is to upload it to YouTube and mark it to be shared only by way of the link they provide. I can then paste their embed code directly as HTML in a text component or in a Mashup.


Mashups are usually used for video or complete web pages. As they are actually just a centered block of HTML code, you could use them for raw HTML also, although the automatic centering may not be what you want. As with all components, you must name the Mashup. The picture below uses this HTML code in both the Mashup component and the text:

<iframe width="480" height="240"
src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/p4eR86SNoIA" frameborder="0"

Using mashups vs. using text

Notice that the Mashup is centered and must be named (I left the default "Mashup" name here). I could easily center the video in the Text component also, but I cannot NOT center it in the Mashup. Again, this is another reason why I prefer to work directly with HTML.

See these Kerio Knowledge base articles also:

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